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How to choose an online school – you can trust!

Online schools are a great alternative to attending a regular school as they offer children a more personalised education, one that is tailored to their unique learning needs.

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In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many education providers rushed to provide online schooling and distance learning solutions – in a hurry.

For most students, online schooling started as a temporary solution to a traditional classroom setting.

The wheels of change were driven by necessity, not by choice.

But for many, it also turned out to be a wonderful consolation prize as students began to see first-hand the benefits of personalised, flexible learning.

A few bad apples

Some of the online schooling platforms that launched over the last 2 years, did so as knee-jerk reactions to the pandemic.

With a lack of research and expertise, these online schools have since closed or are beginning to show cracks in their systems, leaving many students feeling demotivated, displaced or behind in their studies.

It is important to remember that these situations are not the norm and just because there have been a few bad apples in the online schooling space, we simply cannot paint all online schools with the same brush.

Just as with traditional schools, not all online schools provide the same quality of education.

Whilst there are many benefits to choosing to online school your child, it is vitally important that parents do due diligence and research the online school they choose to make sure that they are a trustworthy and reputable organisation.

In this article, we will discuss some of the key aspects to consider when choosing an online school.


When choosing an online school, look at parent reviews, Hello Peter, Facebook and Google Reviews are great places to start.

Another option is to ask for personal reviews in Facebook homeschooling groups.

We recommend looking for an online school that has been in operation for more than 5 years or at least since before the pandemic started.

This will help you establish if the school has a decent track record and is able to cope with the ebb and flow of students due to “pandemic schooling”.


Ensure that the online school is accredited by an organisation like COGNIA or SACAI. An accredited school means the institution meets specific global standards of educational quality.

These accreditation bodies conduct rigorous reviews of educational institutions to ensure that they maintain a high standard in their content and teaching practices to enable learners to realise their full academic potential.


There are a variety of curriculums to choose from including CAPS, IEB or the Cambridge International British Curriculum.

When enrolling in an online school, consider which curriculum is best suited to your unique child and whether the curriculum you choose is recognised at the university they hope to attend.

This online quiz is a great tool to help you choose which curriculum best suits your child’s education needs.

Platform Features

Consider what online features would be beneficial to you and your child.

Some of the key online schooling features to consider include student and parent dashboards for enhanced learner tracking, direct chat with teachers, interactive group sessions, live lessons, chat forums, student reports, practice material through mock exams as well as an on-demand library of pre-recorded lessons.

Student Reports

Student Reports can provide insights into the child’s progress and can be used as evidence of learning.

It is important that your online school commits to providing student reports as the child progresses through the grade levels as this will enable them to transfer or register with another school – should they wish to do so.

These reports will also be required when applying to study at a tertiary level.


When investigating online schools try to find out more about the quality of their teachers.

Teachers are fundamental in the learning process and ensuring that the school maintains an efficient vetting process and only hires qualified teachers is essential.


Price is another important factor to consider when choosing an online school. If the price seems too good to be true, then chances are that it is.

When it comes to education, you get what you pay for.

Some online schools offer a variety of packages at different price points to help parents not only tailor their child’s education to their unique needs but also to their pocket.

CambriLearn offers Standard and Premium packages and allows parents the option to combine different package options per grade.

For example, if there is a particular subject that you need extra support with, then you can take that subject on Premium and your other subjects on Standard.

Hybrid Learning Environment

Social interaction is one of the biggest concerns parents have when it comes to online schooling or homeschooling.

Many parents fear that choosing to online school their children will be bad for their social development and may negatively affect the child’s social and emotional skills.

When choosing an online school it is important to consider the school culture and which learning environments will best suit your child.

Some online schools offer a hybrid learning environment.

Hybrid learning refers to sending a child to a local tutor or learning pod where they can complete their online schooling curriculum.

This has become a very popular schooling choice – especially post-pandemic.

Hybrid schooling bridges the gap between traditional schooling and homeschooling.

It provides the freedom and flexibility of online learning combined with tutor support and social interactions when studying alongside a peer group.

A world-class online school

CambriLearn Online School has assisted more than 3.5 million students across the globe over the last decade, ensuring that its product has been tried and tested and offers a world-class online learning experience.

Their mission is to bridge the gaps in education by breaking away from content-fed lessons into a culture of interaction, discovery and mastery.

By promoting a personalised approach to education and doing away with a one-size-fits-all learning environment, CambriLearn’s course content and teaching methods promote increased knowledge retention, creativity and problem-solving abilities.

As the demand for online schooling booms in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, CambriLearn is positioned to be a world-leading comprehensive, all-in-one solution for providing an online education solution equitably.

To find out more about CambriLearn, download their CAPS or International British Curriculum Student Info Packs.

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How to choose an online school – you can trust!