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How to become a Full-Stack Developer in under a year

A Code College graduate went from being a motor mechanic to a full-stack developer at an international German luxury car manufacturer in less than a year.

This is highly impressive, considering university degrees that focus on software development typically take several years to complete.

The graduate, Hassan, explains how he became a full-stack developer in under a year thanks to Code College.

Before he started

Before studying at Code College, Hassan started a three-year IT Systems Software Development degree, but found the course underwhelming due to a lack of guidance and very few real-life practicals.

He left the degree after a year and a half, and instead enrolled in and completed an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic.

He was still intrigued by software development, however, and knew a more practical approach towards studying was necessary if he was to continue his journey in this field.

Code College Java Bootcamp

Hassan took this forward by enrolling in a Code College Java Bootcamp, as the course offers students a practical learning experience that is closer to an apprenticeship than a traditional degree.

When making his decision to enrol, he also noted that the Code College bootcamp boasts an impressive roster of success stories.

After signing up, he was delighted to find that the bootcamp lived up to its impressive reputation.

Each module offered during the bootcamp comprised either one or two weeks of lessons in a physical classroom – and these lessons were also attended by remote students.

Hassan and his peers covered all of the important course content during this time and got to know each other, making it easier to work together during the follow-up practicals.

As he was studying full time, he spent around eight hours a day studying and found the teaching style of the Code College Java Bootcamp to be extremely valuable.

Code College also helped him to prepare for the job market, assisting him with creating his CV and providing him with interview tips.

The organisation then sent out his CV to their in-house client base to further assist in securing a job.

Getting the job

He secured his job at an international German luxury car manufacturer through the open market and noted that the employer was very interested in his Code College Bootcamp experience.

Hassan’s story is proof that Code College’s coding bootcamps are a great way to enter the software development industry quickly, while acquiring all of the necessary skills to perform well in the workplace.

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How to become a Full-Stack Developer in under a year