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Rectron – The Microsoft cloud solution provider that goes the extra mile

Rectron is a leading Microsoft cloud solution provider that works with resellers, system integrators, managed service providers, e-tailers, and retailers across Southern Africa.

Its clients serve small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as corporates and consumers, by providing cutting-edge Microsoft cloud solutions.

These solutions are popular with thousands of businesses worldwide and provide major productivity, agility, and security benefits.

We have detailed the Microsoft cloud solutions that are offered by Rectron below.

Modern Workplace solutions

Microsoft 365 is the industry standard for productivity cloud suites that support the modern workplace.

This is because it includes the best-in-class Microsoft Office applications, which have become the industry standard because they offer superior features and functions that enable increased productivity and agility.

Additionally, because Microsoft’s Office applications are so ubiquitous, there is a much lower learning curve when onboarding new employees onto your Microsoft Modern Workplace systems.

Rectron offers Microsoft 365 plans for every type of business – including those that need powerful cloud services, device management tools, and advanced security.

These security tools are a particular priority within Microsoft’s set of Modern Workplace solutions, as Microsoft understands that it is critical for businesses to protect their important business documents and data – no matter where they are accessed.

You can choose from:

  • Microsoft 365 for Business plans
  • Microsoft 365 for Enterprise plans
  • Office 365 standalone plans (including tools like Exchange, Teams, and Sharepoint)

Power Platform tools

Microsoft Power Platform is a cloud-based set of tools that are designed to solve your data-based challenges.

These tools let you analyse data thoroughly, before using these analytical findings to build comprehensive solutions that let you automate your internal and operational processes.

This is critical for modern businesses as it helps you streamline your organisational workflows by reducing the number of mundane and repetitive tasks your employees must do – instead letting them work on projects and tasks that provide tangible value.

For example, Microsoft Power Platform lets you create virtual agents so that your workforce and customers can receive quick and effective feedback on their queries, removing unnecessary bottlenecks.

This will reduce the time your employees spend waiting for feedback before continuing with their work, and will increase customer happiness as they don’t have to wait for long periods of time before receiving assistance.

The Microsoft Power Platform tools available from Rectron include:

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Azure services

Microsoft Azure comprises the ever-growing set of cloud services that Microsoft has built to enable organisations to build, manage, and deploy applications at scale.

This is possible because Microsoft has invested extensively in developing and provisioning a diverse and robust set of cloud tools.

It has also built a massive global cloud network that makes it easier than ever for organisations to embrace the cloud across areas such as:

  • Virtual machines
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Databases
  • Development and testing

All of these tools are designed to serve as the digital foundation of your business and support improved productivity and agility – which ultimately translates to better organisational performance.


Rectron offers this full range of Microsoft solutions across 365, Power Platform, and Azure, and is a trusted name within the Southern African market.

It is the perfect CSP for your organisation – so contact Rectron today to learn more about its solutions.

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Rectron – The Microsoft cloud solution provider that goes the extra mile