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Start the year off with For Real Deals from Supersonic

Supersonic has made it their mission to kick off 2023 with some of the most valuable deals around by officially launching For Real Deals, which are hitting the ground running and making sure Supersonic adds some of its own fantastic deals to the ever expanding broadband market.

These deals come in the form of their premium Home and On-the-go Internet portfolios that promise to deliver unmatched broadband deals. These deals come off the heels of an existing and extended Black Friday promotion that will last until the 28th of February 2023.

Supersonic has chosen this time of the year to come out with these deals as a way to support the back to university crowd, movers & shakers, entrepreneurs on the go and the new years resolutioners who want to have a more noticeable online presence when it comes to on the go content.

 Amazing Supersonic For Real Deals:

  • Keep it simple and get 10GB of Anytime, Anywhere no frills data on Supersonic’s On-The-Go Internet SIM Only plan for just R99 on a month-to-month payment structure – it’s the perfect companion to take you with for always on premium internet at an afforable price. Plus you can add a MiFi router for a once-off price of R399.
  • Premium Home and On-the-go internet which includes an Uncapped Fixed-LTE Lite SIM and a free-to-use Fixed-LTE router + 10GB On-The-Go Internet SIM for only 579pm. This deal comes with free Activation, delivery and a flexible month to month payment structure.

For all your extra broadband connection needs, there are other deals that might spark your interest but still deliver on that premium Supersonic promise:

  • Get a premium Uncapped Fixed-LTE plan plus a Free-to-use 5G router for only R599 per month, making you ready for 5G once it is available in your area. This also comes with free Activation, free delivery and a flexible month to month payment structure.
  • Get an affordable Home Fixed-LTE 120GB (60GB Anytime + 60GB Night) line for R249pm which includes a free-to-use Fixed-LTE router, Free Activation and a flexible month to month payment structure.
  • To top it all off, all customers who connect their Fibre to Supersonic, we’ll be offering them a free month on us! Customers need to use the Promo code “UnlockSupersonic” to qualify for this benefit.

Start the year right with Supersonics’ For Real Deals on your side and make it a great 2023 for real, for real.

To not miss out on these amazing deals, make sure you visit or contact Supersonic on WhatsApp at 0861 787 377 and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @supersonicfibre

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Start the year off with For Real Deals from Supersonic