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How Mecer Inter-Ed and Microsoft can help bridge the skills gap

Mecer Inter-Ed makes it easy for companies to earn Microsoft certifications with its excellent training solutions.

With widespread digitisation leading to an increase in cybercrime and, by extension, demand for IT professionals, these courses are therefore ideal for all businesses.

The importance of these certifications cannot be understated, particularly at a time when demand for key IT skills continues to rise.

It has become a key imperative for CIOs to hire, develop, and retain high-quality talent, but the speed of change in the technology industry is making this a big challenge, as it is difficult for IT departments to grow their skills base as fast as their business’s needs evolve.

MIE is dedicated to helping CIOs conduct regular skills audits that uncover which skills their organisations lack or will need in the future.

Cybersecurity professionals are key to preventing and mitigating the risk of ever-evolving cyberattacks, and by 2025 it is expected that the demand for cybersecurity professionals will have doubled.

Mecer Inter-Ed and Microsoft

Mecer Inter-Ed offers a range of training solutions that allow professionals to earn Microsoft certifications in cybersecurity.

Key to the effectiveness of these solutions is Mecer Inter-Ed’s three steps to determining the right Microsoft certification to pursue:

  • Examine the available skills maps – Mecer Inter-Ed offers a variety of skills-focused “maps” that will guide you to choosing the right study direction.
  • Identify the skills you need – Match your planned career direction with the appropriate skills this role needs.
  • Choose your course – Once you’ve determined the right journey for your purposes, Mecer Inter-Ed will provide you with the best course.

Mecer Inter-Ed’s extensive selection of Microsoft courses include:

Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals

A foundational certification that provides a solid understanding of key issues in the cybersecurity sector.

This is the first step towards role-based certifications.

Microsoft Certified: Security Operations Analyst Associate

Learn to collaborate with organisational stakeholders to safeguard information systems and reduce risks through rapid attack responses.

Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator Associate

Learn how to use Azure Active Directory to create, build, and administer an organisation’s identity and access management systems.

This includes authenticating and authorising access to company apps.

Microsoft Certified: Information Protection Administrator Associate

Equips you with the skills to oversee converting requirements and compliance control.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate

Learn to manage security posture, detect and fix vulnerabilities, execute threat modelling, deploy threat protection, and respond to security incident escalation.

Microsoft Certified: Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate 

Learn how to proactively safeguard Microsoft 365 enterprise and hybrid systems, install and manage security and compliance solutions, respond to threats, and enforce data governance.

Importance of bridging the skills gap

MIE can help your business build a viable training path for each employee so that you are always ready for the latest technologies.

As part of this process, your business can benefit from customised training programmes that encourage skills development to suit your unique business needs, as well as your employees’ strengths, interests, and career goals.

MIE also has an impressive talent acquisition department that will work with you to build a plan to attract top talent and then help this talent perform at its best.

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How Mecer Inter-Ed and Microsoft can help bridge the skills gap