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ZTE 5G MC888A Router – The next step in 5G technology

The ZTE 5G MC888A router is the perfect way to upgrade your home network with 5G Internet.

It delivers stable and lightning-fast connectivity in a compact and elegant design that will fit right into any environment.

We were sent the ZTE MC888A router to review and were impressed with how user-friendly it was to set up.

After inserting our nano-SIM into the router and plugging it into a power source, we just had to sign into the Wi-Fi network using the details on the bottom of the device.

When this was done, we could use the router to our heart’s content – no extra steps or technical knowledge necessary.

Impressive performance

We put the MC888A through its paces and found that our latency was around 30ms on average.

Its peak data rate can be up to 1Gbps.

This impressive speed is possible thanks to the MC888A’s new-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 chip that support the latest 3GPP standards.

The MC888A supports both NSA and SA dual-mode 5G networks, too, providing excellent coverage and performance across all types of 5G networks.

Thanks to all this latest technology, we could watch videos, stream content, play online games, and hold video calls incredibly smoothly.

The MC888A can support up to 64 Wi-Fi users simultaneously and with its two gigabit network ports – combined with up to 3,600Mbps in Wi-Fi 6 speeds under the right circumstances – you’re always assured of a speedy and stable Internet experience.

Easy customization

What makes this ZTE router even better is that its high-performance hardware is controllable through an easy-to-use interface.

If you want to change the settings the router comes with, such as the Wi-Fi network’s name and password, simply visit the web-page provided at the bottom of the device, sign in with your router’s password, and use the intuitive menus to make your preferred changes.

For example: you can edit the settings that relate to the router’s dual-network functionality – which allows it to access two networks at the same time.

With this setting, if one network stops working, or experiences poor performance, the router will instantly switch to the other and ensure that your user experience is not interrupted.

Get it now

The ZTE MC888A offers brilliant speeds, an easy setup, and a modern design.

If you’re upgrading your home or small business network, the MC888A 5G router is an excellent choice.

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ZTE 5G MC888A Router – The next step in 5G technology