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Innovate at speed with the Micro Focus Serena product suite

In today’s world, it is vital that enterprises innovate at speed and deploy critical services as efficiently as possible.

They must be able to track and see what has changed in a software environment, too, and this is best done with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools like Micro Focus Serena.

Micro Focus Serena is a suite of tools that supports high-performance development processes and helps delivery teams innovate faster and with less risk.

The Serena suite includes products with the following focuses:

  • Requirements Management
  • Application Development
  • Release Management
  • Deployment Automation
  • IT Process and Portal management
  • IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

These complementary solutions form end-to-end software development lifecycle (SDLC) infrastructure that is suitable for both agile and traditional development teams.

We unpack these tools below.

Requirements Management

Dimensions RM is Serena’s comprehensive enterprise requirements management solution.

This tool supports end2end traceability from requirements to development to test and covers modern requirements management practice  from waterfall to agile to hybrid.

Application Development

Serena’s application development tools comprise Dimensions CM, ChangeMan ZMF, and PVCS.

These tools cover everything from ensuring efficiency to quality assurance and issue tracking to ensure your apps are always up-to-date and working optimally.

Release Management

Every aspect of the application release process must be planned, tracked, and governed so that the end result is of a high quality.

Micro Focus Serena offers two products, Release Control and Comparex, that help you achieve this through best-practice release policies, automation, and fast and accurate change validation and verification.

Deployment Automation

Deployment Automation is a graphical process editor that makes it easier for teams to create and then visualise end-to-end deployment processes of their apps.

This tool leverages automation and offers drag-and-drop functionality so that even the most inexperienced users can use it.

IT Process and Portal management

Micro Focus Service Request Centre software is an intuitive web portal that serves as a single point of contact between users and your IT department to promote user self-service and cut IT costs.

It is complemented by the Solutions Business Manager Software – a business process automation software that helps IT create, deploy, and govern process-based apps.

IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

ITSM and ITIL are essential elements of the Serena package, as they are necessary for organisational compliance, governance, and support when developing and maintaining applications.

ChangeMan SSM software offers mainframe system change management and tracking for better business continuity, while Service Support Manager is a service desk solution that provides visibility across the entire development lifecycle.

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Innovate at speed with the Micro Focus Serena product suite