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Huawei CBR – Data backups and recovery made easy

Huawei Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) makes it easy to back up your cloud resources and keep your critical data protected.

This is critically important in 2023, as there are many ways that your live data can be compromised – including but not limited to malicious parties, natural disasters, or even faults caused by load-shedding.

In South Africa, the load-shedding challenge is a particularly big concern – along with surges in the power grid that can damage your servers or the data stored on them.

All of your important data must therefore be protected against all worst-case scenarios, and Huawei CBR is the best solution for this.


Huawei CBR will help you maintain uninterrupted business productivity by backing up and restoring your assets anywhere.

These resources include your Elastic Cloud servers (ECS), Bare Metal servers (BMS), Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks, SFS Turbo file systems, local files and directories, and even on-premises VMware virtual environments.

All of this data is easy to recover in every situation – including in the case of a virus attack, accidental deletion, software and hardware faults, or power supply instability.

The CBR solution consists of three key elements – backups, vaults, and policies. We explain these elements below.

What HUAWEI CLOUD CBR can offer?

Backups are copies of data that are stored separately and can be used to quickly restore any data that is lost.

Huawei CBR provides multiple backup options, including:

  • Cloud disk – Provides snapshot-based data protection for EVS disks.
  • Cloud server – Uses consistency snapshot technology for disks to protect ECSs and BMSs.
  • SFS Turbo backup – Secures SFS Turbo file systems.
  • Hybrid cloud – Protects data of on-premises OceanStor Dorado storage systems and VMware virtual machines by storing their backups on the cloud.
  • File – Protects a single or multiple files stored on the cloud or on-premises without backing up the entire server or disk.

Before you start, you should…

Create Vaults (backup storage)

Before you can begin backing up your data, you must create at least one vault and indicate the resource you want to be backed up to it.

These vaults can either be backup vaults or replication vaults – where copies of backups are stored.

Replication vaults are highly useful, as they provide an added layer of redundancy for critical data.

Create Backup Policies

Huawei CBR lets you implement policies that determine how your data should be backed up or replicated.

These policies allow you to automate the backup and replication processes by setting important criteria – such as execution times, frequency, and how long the data will be retained.

This customisable process gives you full control over your backups and replicas for complete peace of mind.

Click here to learn more about Huawei Cloud CBR.

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Huawei CBR – Data backups and recovery made easy