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Code College bootcamps – The best way to become a coder

Code College is a coding bootcamp provider that focuses on the most in-demand programming languages and practical skills.

Its bootcamps specialise in key coding concepts like database design, user interface design, and team collaboration skills like code reviews and change control.

These skills, as well as the platform-specific skills its different bootcamps offer, will equip you to begin a professional career as a coder.

Why complete a coding bootcamp

Coding bootcamps equip you to become a professional coder without needing to invest excessive time and money into a traditional degree.

They take a more practical approach to coding than many theory-focused university courses, too.

This makes you more attractive to prospective employers, as you can work on projects immediately after completing a bootcamp with Code College.

As an industry leader in designing and running coding bootcamps, Code College revises its courses consistently based on employer feedback and with a focus on helping its graduates crack the job market.

Its bootcamps are available as full-time and part-time courses, too, and can be completed either in-person or online.

The Code College campus for in-person learning is located in Woodmead, Johannesburg – while remote learning takes the form of interactive, screen-sharing webinars.

This makes Code College an excellent choice for anyone looking to switch careers and become a coder – no matter where they live in South Africa.

Code College’s coding bootcamps

Code College provides you with a firm foundation in web and Java development through its two coding bootcamps.

The Code College Web Developer Bootcamp covers everything you need to know to become a highly-skilled web developer, including:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS
  • React
  • MERN Stack
  • MVC
  • REST
  • API Programming

The Java Developer Bootcamp covers all the topics above, as well as the following:

  • The International Oracle Java Certification Syllabus
  • Spring Framework
  • Spring Data JDBC
  • Spring Data JPA
  • Spring with NoSQL
  • Spring Security
  • Oauth

Requirements and cost

What makes Code College even more attractive to prospective students is that you don’t need a prior background in coding to sign up.

All bootcamps begin with an introductory course to get everyone up to speed with the required fundamental concepts.

You must have a laptop and Internet connection that meet these minimum requirements:

  • Intel Core i5 9th-gen processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • Windows
  • A stable 10Mbps Internet connection

If you meet these criteria, you can sign up for a Code College course at the following prices:

Web Developer Bootcamp – R50,000, 3-6 month duration, also payable by 12 monthly payments of R4,500.

Java Developer Bootcamp – R90,000, 6-12 month duration, also payable by 12 monthly payments of R8,000.

Good news is that you can take a student loan to cover these costs, and there is also an Income Share Agreement available that lets you pay for your bootcamp once you are employed.

Learn more about Code College here.

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Code College bootcamps – The best way to become a coder