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Choose Netstock’s Predictive Planning Suite for SMBs

Managing inventory effectively and efficiently is critical for businesses in today’s highly competitive marketplace, as inefficient inventory management can lead to stock-outs, excess inventory, and loss of customers.

To combat these challenges, Netstock offers the Predictive Planning Suite™, a cloud-based supply chain planning solution providing small and medium-sized businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize inventory and align supply and demand.

Why use predictive planning

Many businesses still rely on spreadsheets to manage inventory, but this is an inefficient and error-prone approach.

Spreadsheets require manual input and do not provide real-time data, making it difficult to analyze inventory data and make informed decisions.

Cloud-based supply chain planning software provides real-time data and automates many of the inventory management processes, making it efficient, reliable, and effective.

Predictive planning is an important extension of this. It involves using data analytics to forecast future demand and supply chain needs, enabling businesses to plan and optimize their inventory levels.

By using predictive analytics, businesses can make data-driven decisions about how much inventory to hold, when to reorder, and when to optimize supply chain operations.

Netstock’s Predictive Planning Suite: An out-of-the-box solution

Netstock’s Predictive Planning Suite offers an intuitive user interface that allows teams to get up to speed rapidly and realize inventory and supply and demand improvements from day one.

The suite provides powerful supply chain planning software, an easy-to-navigate interface, a learning academy based on decades of industry knowledge, onboarding and customer support, and guaranteed data integrity with the ISO 27001 certification.

Netstock’s Predictive Planning Suite solves the following challenges:

No visibility

Netstock provides a single-view dashboard where all internal stakeholders can access and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and align supply planning with future demand.

Businesses also gain visibility into reorder points, lead times, and order constraints to make quicker decisions.

With predictive real-time data, businesses can automatically adjust their planning, too – including forecasting, ordering, capacity planning, and safety stock levels.

This allows them to focus on the critical aspects of their business.

Supplier disruption

Netstock’s Predictive Planning Suite reduces supplier risk and increases fill rates, giving businesses the competitive edge and offering unrivaled customer service.

The suite offers incredible depth of functionality – allowing you to monitor supplier performance, identify reliable suppliers, improve lead time with accurate supplier data, factor lead time reliability into replenishment decisions, automatically adjust safety stock in line with supplier risk, and optimize your supplier network.

Managing excess inventory

With Netstock’s offering, you can reduce overstocking, lower carrying costs, and improve profitability by optimizing inventory levels.

You can also take advantage of automatic replenishment to ensure that you order the right amount of inventory required.

Choose Netstock Predictive Planning Suite

Netstock’s Predictive Planning Suite is the ultimate solution for SMBs that want to optimize their inventory management, align supply and demand, and conquer supply chain challenges.

With powerful predictive planning algorithms, an intuitive user interface, and robust functionality, the suite is the perfect choice for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition and quickly meet customer demands.

Get your Netstock demo here and unpack the solutions to your supply chain planning challenges.

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Choose Netstock’s Predictive Planning Suite for SMBs