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Stay connected during load-shedding with MorClick satellite Internet packages

MorClick is South Africa’s largest satellite Internet provider and the ideal solution for those looking to stay connected during load-shedding.

Load-shedding is a big problem in South Africa and negatively affects connection quality across 4G, 5G, and fibre networks.

This limits your ability to stay productive at home and in the office, and also reduces your options to entertain yourself online when load-shedding strikes.

Using a satellite Internet connection with hardware powered by a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is an excellent solution to this challenge, and MorClick is the best company to take care of your connectivity needs.

Internet for your home

MorClick’s packages are both cost-effective and fast, and as they do not require nearby towers or cable infrastructure to work, they are great for those living in remote areas, too.

All you need is a UPS to keep the satellite Internet hardware powered during load-shedding, and you can enjoy high-quality connectivity at your home at all times.

The most popular MorClick connectivity packages for home users are:

  • MorConnectivity Capped
  • MorConnectivity Unlimited
  • MorEntertainment

MorConnectivity Capped packages offer up to 200GB of data per month, along with free data usage between midnight and 06:00 – perfect for those late-night downloads and binge sessions.

This cap is removed completely if you opt for MorConnectivity Unlimited.

If you specifically want a backup Internet connection for media streaming during load-shedding, then MorClick’s MorEntertainment package is your best choice.

This package offers more bandwidth for watching content over platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video.

All the packages provide speeds of up to 20Mbps and do not have their performance affected by load-shedding.

Backup connectivity for businesses

MorClick offers an extensive range of business connectivity packages that let organisations optimise their connection for specific use cases.

For those looking to beat load-shedding, the best option is MorBackUp – which comprises of a reliable failover connection that will kick in when your primary connection stops working.

You can also add a UPS to your MorBackUp connection to keep your satellite Internet hardware operational during load-shedding.

Other popular business satellite Internet products from MorClick include:

  • MorBusiness – Ideal for businesses with higher data usage needs.
  • MorMeetings – Optimised for communication apps and video conferencing.
  • MorSecurity – Designed to prioritise security infrastructure requirements with approved state-of-the-art security hardware options
  • MorTourism – For the hospitality sector to provide guests with Internet access.

As an additional benefit, MorClick provides free installation to all customers who sign up for its unlimited packages.

Satellite connectivity from MorClick is the best way to protect yourself against load-shedding without breaking the bank – Click here to learn more about MorClick.

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Stay connected during load-shedding with MorClick satellite Internet packages