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Look your best with up to 20% off from VodaPay’s newest partners

The VodaPay super app makes it easy for you to shop, pay your bills, send money to anyone, and make secure transactions.

VodaPay is a favourite among South Africans and is proud to announce that it has now partnered with Edgars, Legit, Candi & Co, and Sorbet to bring you more value and noticeable discounts on fashion and beauty products.

Through the VodaPay app, you can now easily buy clothing, jewellery, and accessories, or book your favourite treatments such as manicures, pedicures, and skin care. The best part? These amazing offers are open to customers on any mobile network.

You can get big deals on products and services from various brands, for example, pamper yourself with any treatment from Sorbet, one of South Africa’s best beauty hubs, with 15% extra value when you use VodaPay Vouchers. Edgars, Legit, Candi & Co as well as Cape Union Mart, are also available on the Vouchers section of the app.

How to get more value with our Voucher partners

The VodaPay super app provides direct and easy access to these incredible deals.

All you must do is download the app and follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the “Vouchers” tab on the VodaPay app
  2. Choose your voucher type
  3. Select a payment method – “Buy Now” or “Advance”
  4. Use your voucher at your selected store on VodaPay

The “Advance” option lets you take advantage of another great benefits of the VodaPay app.

This option provides you with an interest-free Voucher Advance through Vodacom’s VodaLend service, and you have up to 30 days to pay it off with zero fees!

This service is available to existing Vodacom customers who have been active on the network for at least six months with a track record of buying airtime and data bundles.

Look your best with these VodaPay’s weekend deals:

12% off the latest perfumes, clothing, accessories, and more from Edgars

15% off a treatment for you and a friend at Sorbet.

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Look your best with up to 20% off from VodaPay’s newest partners