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How to make a career change into coding and boost your income dramatically

South Africans who want to follow their dreams and become a Software Engineer can do so without a university degree, thanks to Code College.

This is exactly what Chrissie, a Code College graduate, did after just eight months in the IT industry.

Chrissie did not have a university degree and was working in real estate when she decided to become a coder and earn a Code College Java Bootcamp qualification.

Before enrolling on her Java Bootcamp, Chrissie had very little knowledge about coding.

“I knew nothing of SQL, JavaScript, any frameworks, existing tools, or any other coding languages,” said Chrissie.

Learning with Code College

Chrissie initially signed up for a Web Development course but became interested and switched to a full Java Bootcamp. She found the Code College learning experience to be excellent.

“Code College works through the course content with you, but requires you to apply the knowledge,” said Chrissie.

“After each module, you have a project that you have to submit. There was a lot of patience and no pressure if you did your part by doing what was required.”

When she struggled to understand a concept, a Code College expert would point her in the right direction while encouraging her to figure out a lot of things by researching.

“This is the best thing they could have done because that is how it works in real life,” said Chrissie.

Course content

Chrissie was introduced to various programming languages – as is necessary for any IT position – and is now competent in Python, Java, MySQL, and ReactJS.

There was a major focus on Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and how applications are built, which helped her code projects like a coronavirus tracker app, a login and registration app, and a property contact list.

She also coded simpler tools like a cocktail recipe API app, a weather searching API app, and a lotto number generator.

Getting a job

Once she had graduated, Code College helped Chrissie register with partnering recruitment agencies – including its own agency, Compuways.

She was also prepared for likely interview questions and to prepare a powerful CV, showcasing her development portfolio.

This helped her get a job after her first interview – where she instantly became a valuable employee in the software development team, initially as a manual software tester.

Within six months, she automated 40% of her employer’s UI using C# and Selenium, created an interactive HTML user manual, and built PowerBI dashboards.

Two months later, she was promoted to the role of an automation engineer.

“My salary increased by 140% in the last 12 months and I still get more and more requests from companies who would like to discuss opportunities with me,” said Chrissie.

Follow Chrissie’s example and switch career paths to become a professional coder with Code College.

Contact Code College today to learn more about its life-changing coding bootcamps.

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How to make a career change into coding and boost your income dramatically