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Why using the SnapStore Pro card machine will improve your daily operations

It’s a tough time to be a small business in South Africa.

Rising operational costs and loadshedding are just two challenges business owners face daily.

This makes investing in tools that’ll simplify and improve your business operations more important than ever.

That’s where SnapScan’s latest payment offering comes in.

SnapScan, in partnership with Standard Bank, recently developed the SnapStore Pro card machine: an all-in-one payment tool that simplifies payments for businesses and their customers.

The SnapStore Pro combines customers’ preferred payment methods into an affordable, sleek device that is easy to use.

Here’s how it will improve your business:

1. Service more customers in less time.

Improve your customer service by decreasing the time customers spend queueing.

With the SnapStore Pro, you’ll save time by:

  1. Processing payments in seconds. Easily make a sale directly from the home screen of your card machine.
  2. Spending less time switching between payment tools. Regardless of how your customers pay, they can do so from one device.

2. Never miss a sale

As a small business, every sale counts.

You don’t want to lose out on a sale because you can’t accept a customer’s preferred payment method.

With the SnapStore Pro, customers can:

  1. Tap, swipe or insert their Mastercard or Visa bank card,
  2. Scan your on-screen SnapCode (your unique QR Code) with either their SnapScan or Masterpass apps, or
  3. Use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Garmin Pay.
  4. Plus, record cash transactions for easy recon!

This means that even when customers forget their wallets at home, they can still pay with an alternative payment method.

3. Do business when and where you want to

Get paid wherever your business takes you.

Whether you operate in-store, at a market or on the go, easily accept payments with the SnapStore Pro.

The snappy card machine has a long-lasting battery.

It’s also WiFi-enabled and comes with a SIM card preloaded with free data.

4. Get access to your money quicker

It’s crucial for businesses to receive their hard-earned cash as soon as possible.

Better cash flow means you’ll have money on hand when you need it.

That’s why SnapScan settles every business day.

If you’re a Standard Bank account holder, you’ll receive your settlement the next business day, while those who bank elsewhere will receive their settlement within 2 -3 business days.

5. Pay less, the more you earn

SnapScan’s rates are dynamic, which means your transaction fees will decrease as you earn more.

Your transaction fees are based on your previous month’s turnover, starting at 2.95% (excl. VAT) and decreasing to 2.55% (excl. VAT).

There are also no monthly or settlement fees.

6. Manage your transactions on the go

View your transactions from the palm of your hand.

The SnapStore Pro card machine displays your entire transaction history so you can quickly obtain the information you need to identify, keep track of and reconcile your transactions.

Ready to improve the way you do business?

Sign up for a SnapScan merchant account here, and buy your SnapStore Pro for R999 today.

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Why using the SnapStore Pro card machine will improve your daily operations