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How iStore trade-in works and saves you money

You have got your eye on the latest iPhone, but want to get the most back for your old one to help finance the replacement. But where do you start? Whether you have got your eye on the budget friendly iPhone SE or the latest iPhone 14, why not go to the source and trade in your current iPhone at iStore.

iStore gives you the best trade-in values for your iPhone, making your upgrade to a new iPhone more affordable than ever.

It’s easy to trade in and upgrade

I am sure you are wondering about the process of trading in and how much hassle it might involve. iStore have two options for you, which are both simple to get done. You can either pop into your local iStore with your phone or trade-in from the comfort of your home.

You can use your trade-in to reduce your monthly cellular contract payments

If you, like many, like to have some options with how to spend your trade-in value – it’s great to know that iStore offers multiple ways in which to spend the money you get back for your old phone.

You can trade in immediately to discount the purchase towards a new iPhone or other products, use it towards reduced monthly cellular contract payments on your Vodacom, MTN, or Telkom contract – no matter whether you initially took out that contract from iStore.

You can also get an iStore voucher to use at a later stage. You could get up to R15,000 back when trading in your old iPhone and use your trade-in value to pay less each month on your contract.

You can trade in up to 5 Apple products at once

If you have multiple Apple products that you would like to upgrade, the good news is that you can trade in up to 5 Apple devices at once towards the purchase of any new product. The multi-product trade-in is done in-store and offers all the same ways in which to spend your earnings from your old products.

Android Trade-in

Trade in your Android Phone and get up to R10 000 cashback straight into your account when you upgrade your contract and switch to iPhone. Switching to iPhone means switching to better security and privacy features, more support and better trade-in values.

Get a new iPhone every year

You might just be wanting to get some money back for your older product, but you should also consider this as a great way to ensure you can afford to upgrade to a new iPhone ever year. Who would say no to that?

When you trade in at iStore, you’ll be rewarded with the best market value, which you can use towards the purchase of a new iPhone, or to bring down the cost of a new iPhone contract. Why would you go anywhere else?

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How iStore trade-in works and saves you money