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Optimize your IT environment while cutting costs with ICTGlobe Managed Services

ICTGlobe Managed Services is an excellent partner for enterprises that need secure, stable, and scalable IT environments supported with world class infrastructure and service by local presence.

We offer the ultimate managed services experience, providing the ideal combination of world-class cloud infrastructure and services, industry-leading project management processes, and a highly-skilled team of industry veterans.

The products and services we offer are as follows:

  • Data centre
  • Server services
  • Network and connectivity solutions
  • End-user services
  • Telephony services
  • Advanced cybersecurity services
  • Business continuity services
  • Service desk services

Benefits of managed service providers

Working with a managed service provider helps organizations keep up with the latest technologies and threats while ensuring cost optimizations and scalability.

Organizations often don’t have the inhouse resources to continually stay up-to-date with the latest ICT requirements, and the best alternative is working with a trusted managed service provider that can manage this for them.

Experienced managed service providers, like ICTGlobe Managed Services, provide organizations with incredible scalability by remotely managing their resources.

This allows organizations to quickly add or remove resources to their managed environment as their needs change.

These resources are more reliable, too, as ICTGlobe Managed Services will proactively monitor your systems to avoid unwanted infiltrations and issues that could lead to downtime.

ICTGlobe Managed Services ensures you can budget around a fixed, affordable monthly fee.

Why choose private cloud

A highlight of ICTGlobe Managed Services’ offering is its private cloud services and technologies.

Its private cloud services are superior to using the public cloud, as ICTGlobe’s private cloud services are hosted in its own local data centre.

Only users within your organization can access your data, and they will do it through a closed network that provides a high-level of security.

It is also easier for ICTGlobe Managed Services to scale your resources up or down, thanks to its complete control of the private cloud environment and network infrastructure.

This control lets ICTGlobe Managed Services tailor your resources for specific use cases and even enables you to increase the performance of certain resources when necessary.

In contrast, the public cloud is available to anyone and uses a multi-tenancy model – meaning you will share resources with other organizations.

Public cloud solutions are also often hosted outside of South Africa, causing undesirable compliance and regulatory problems.

If you don’t want to commit to a complete private cloud installation, a hybrid cloud solution is also available.

This allows organizations to combine private, on-site, and public cloud services.

With a hybrid cloud installation, organizations can deploy their important data on private clouds, and deploy less-important solutions on the public cloud.

Work with ICTGlobe Managed Services

ICTGlobe Managed Services is excited to work with South African organizations to minimize their overheads and take their businesses to the next level.

Its extensive range of managed services is hosted on a private cloud to improve manageability, reduce maintenance, increase scalability, and lower costs.

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Optimize your IT environment while cutting costs with ICTGlobe Managed Services