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How Lanline Technologies is revolutionizing the VoIP industry

Lanline Technologies is a market leader in the provision of innovative VoIP and Cloud PBX solutions in South Africa.

It continues to experience strong growth thanks to its customer-centric approach, competitive pricing, and commitment to flexibility.

Jevon King, Lanline Technologies Regional Sales Manager for KwaZulu-Natal, is a seasoned professional with 10 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.

King believes that the company is poised to transform the market and become the country’s top voice provider.

According to King, Lanline Technologies stands out amongst its competitors as a reseller and wholesale partner due to its flexibility and its month-to-month business offerings that instil confidence in customers by reducing risk.

Keeping things simple

King explained that one of Lanline Technologies’ key focuses is developing products that are simple for customers to understand and quick to deploy.

Unlike traditional phone systems that require on-site connectivity and cabling, Lanline Technologies’ phones utilize SIM cards that enable a seamless connection to Lanline Technologies’ hosted PBX solution.

This eliminates the need for complex installations and ensures that most customers are fully functional within three working days.

“The reseller and wholesale market has been an obvious focus for us to gain as many customers as possible who are looking for true value in a voice provider for their business and not a complicated solution that they don’t need with a contract that ties them down,” said King.

“All of our contracts are completely month to month, allowing customers to change their packages as they please and for resellers to manage and support their customers correctly.”

This is all done through Lanline Technologies’ Telephone Management System (TMS), which allows complete control of monthly costs and full visibility of usage.

Widely popular

Lanline Technologies has successfully onboarded several national resellers, too – some of which operate on a hybrid model between reselling and wholesale services.

This flexibility allows Lanline Technologies to cater to the unique needs of different businesses within the telecommunications space.

It has leveraged this advantage to attract a diverse range of customers – from SMMEs to large corporates and multinationals.

“Our commercial models for resellers are highly competitive in that we allow our resellers full control of once-off commissions and an aggressive annuity structure that encourages and supports consistent growth,” said King.

Impressive flexibility

By offering a unique and innovative solution to the market, Lanline Technologies has broken free from traditional commercial limitations.

This enables it to provide tailored solutions rather than defaulting to a generic one-size-fits-all approach.

“We do follow a commercial framework which we adopt within reason in order to service reseller needs correctly,” said King.

“Through this, Lanline Technologies can fulfil the core principles required by all clients, while also executing on its commitment to flexibility.”

Lanline Technologies is so confident that its customers will love its solutions, that it offers a full money-back guarantee within 30 days.

Revolutionizing the industry

Lanline is excited about collaborating with new resellers and wholesalers to deliver the best possible solutions.

With a dedicated team spread across Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban, and with a combined experience of 30 years within the industry, Lanline aims to expand its reseller and wholesale base while maintaining the high level of support and value it is known for.

“We are geared for growth and will continue to do so with the right reseller and wholesale partners who we value and understand how to best service,” said King.

Even as it expands, Lanline Technologies is committed to retaining its customer-centric approach, quick product deployments, competitive pricing, month-to-month contracts, and commitment to flexibility.

“By focusing on serving customers rather than simply pleasing them in order to gain business, Lanline is poised to shape the market space and continue providing the best communication solutions for businesses throughout the country,” said King.

“By doing so, we believe that we will reach our goal of being South Africa’s number one voice provider – as your voice matters to us.”

Visit Lanline Technologies’ website to sign up as a reseller or wholesale partner.

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How Lanline Technologies is revolutionizing the VoIP industry