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This is why there’s never been a better time to switch to Mac

Built to outpower, outperform, and outlast even the most high-end Windows PC laptops, the new MacBook M2 range utilise a leading-edge System on a Chip (SOC). In today’s economy, you’ll be looking just as closely at the price tag as at the technical specs.

The base-level MacBook Air M2, for example, sporting 256GB of SSD storage, 8GB unified memory, and a blazing-fast 8-core CPU, sells for R25,999 at iStore.

Balance that upfront spend against the proven long-term reliability of the MacBook lineage, and you’ll begin to see the true value proposition of your investment.

In multiple consumer and industry surveys over the years, MacBooks have won acclaim for their solid build, high performance, and durability under pressure, even many years after purchase.

Apple has grown its global computer shipments by more than 40% in the third quarter of 2022, according to a report by the International Data Corporation (IDC). In the same period, manufacturers of Windows-based desktops and notebooks saw demand fall by 18%, according to the IT research company, Canalys.

Figures like that are nothing to sneeze at, as the Mac Guy might remind us. But why are more and more consumers and organisations choosing to get a Mac rather than a PC? Let’s look at five likely reasons.

1. Macs are faster and more powerful than ever before

Two years ago, Apple introduced a revolutionary new chip on the block: the Apple Silicon SoC, or System on a Chip line of processors. Now in its second generation, the chip combines several previously separate components and technologies, including the CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine, into one powerful ecosystem.

Tests have shown that the M2 silicon chip on the updated MacBook range almost doubles the performance of the latest 10-core PC laptop chip, while using only a quarter of the power. And when it comes to graphics, the M2 is 2.3 times speedier, using only a fifth as much energy. A performance-to-power ratio that leaves even top-range PC machines lagging.

2. MacBooks have better battery life than any other computer

Backing up Apple’s claim that the new M2 MacBooks keep working — or playing — all day and into the night, one online publication marveled at the “insanely long” battery life of the MacBook Air, which endured a heavy workload for more than 17 hours in tests.

That “blows away” the performance of the longest-lasting Windows laptop, which faded after just 10 hours, added the review. And in South African conditions, it’s safe to say that the MacBook’s proven ability to carry on and on without electrical power will take a load off your mind when the lights go out.

3. MacBooks are beautiful-looking machines that are built to last

Few devices of the modern age are as striking to look as the MacBook. It’s not just the retina display that dazzles; it’s the compact, seamless unibody, forged from 100 percent recycled aluminum, that gives the MacBook its edge of functionality and design.

The MacBook’s acclaimed build quality is matched by its reputation for long-term reliability, as confirmed by the authoritative tech journal, Make Use Of (MUO). “You can expect MacBooks to last at least five years, though this period is often longer,” says the report, rating Apple as the Most Reliable Laptop Brand of 2022.

Amortised over time, that means MacBooks hold their value longer than any other brand.

4. No Mac is an island, entire of itself

The Apple ecosystem takes its cue from the notion that machines work better when they work together. That means you can AirDrop files from your MacBook to your iPhone, unlock your MacBook with your Apple Watch, annotate a screenshot on your Mac and dispatch it to your iPad, and sync all your data across all your devices automatically on iCloud.

It’s a seamless and intuitive way of getting things done, turning your Apple ID into the gateway to a world of integrated actions and possibilities.

5. MacBooks add joy to life

While buying a computer is a rational decision that calls for a thorough consideration of value, quality, usability, fit-for-purpose, and technical specifications, there can be no denying the emotional element that comes into play.

As one online commentator puts it, in a review that calls the M2 MacBook Air “A stunner of a laptop”: “It’s beautiful, super-lightweight, sounds great — and, most importantly, it’s a joy to use and type on every day.” Combine that with all the other reasons, and it’s easy to see why so many people around the world are choosing to Get a Mac.

iStore has made it easy for you to upgrade to Mac, trade in your Windows laptop, and you can get up to R10,000 which you can put towards the purchase of a new Mac.

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This is why there’s never been a better time to switch to Mac