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Supersize your home entertainment with a Hisense 90-inch 4K Laser TV

The Hisense 90L5H is the best way to get a massive screen experience and premium image quality at an affordable price.

It brings an immersive theatre experience to your home, complete with high image brightness, thanks to Hisense’s innovative X-Fusion ultra-short throw laser technology.

This was our experience when reviewing a Hisense 90L5H 4K Laser TV, and we share all our findings, below.

The setup

The first thing we noticed when our Laser TV arrived was just how huge the display was.

This, combined with the importance of everything being positioned perfectly for optimal picture quality, makes the prospect of setting the TV up daunting.

Thankfully, when you buy one of these Laser TVs, Hisense will send its experts to do this for you – as they did for us.

If you choose to do it yourself, however, Hisense provides a detailed instruction booklet that explains how to assemble the screen, mount it to the wall, and set up and align your laser TV.

This is a precise art if done manually, but Hisense has made it far easier with its Automatic Geometric Correction feature – which perfectly aligns the picture to your display.

All you need to do is aim the Laser TV towards the screen to a reasonable degree, and it will fine-tune itself to deliver the perfect viewing experience.

The hardware

Once your Laser TV is set up, you’ll notice that this is no ordinary screen.

The 90-inch Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) screen has been perfectly optimised to provide superior image clarity and quality.

It features anti-glare technology that ensures you get a bright viewing experience in any lighting conditions – and thanks to this design, you will never need to blackout a room for a cinematic experience again.

It is also significantly easier to mount this screen than a traditional TV, thanks to how lightweight it is.

The ultra-short throw technology then uses special lenses and mirrors to produce a large image on the screen from only a few centimetres away.

As your Laser TV unit is so close to the screen, this technology can produce a much brighter image for the best possible viewing experience.

Support for all your favourite streaming apps – such as Netflix – is then taken care of through the built-in VIDAA app platform, while 90L5H features a TV tuner and an HDMI 2.1 input for multiple source options.

This makes the 90L5H an excellent alternative to large “traditional” TVs, at a fraction of the price.

The incredible result

The Hisense Laser TV’s impressive ultra-short throw technology delivers 4K visuals for extreme clarity and realistic pictures across 8.3 million pixels.

The superior image quality is further enhanced through Hisense’s X-Fusion laser light technology that uses precision light sources to deliver crisp images and natural colours.

We found that X-Fusion – combined with the 90L5H’s support for HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Vision – produced extremely accurate colours with exceptional depth.

Additionally, the Laser TV was capable of producing deep blacks, thanks to its ALR screen and high native contrast.

For those of you who are into the finer technical details, Hisense has fitted the 90L5H Laser TV with a 2,100-lumen output.

This allows for 350 nits of brightness on the ALR screen, which makes it a leading performer in its segment.

When combined with the sheer massiveness of the 90-inch display area and 4K resolution, viewers receive a unique cinematic feel that offers an exceptional viewing experience.

Complementing this is the reduction in eye strain you experience when using a Laser TV – which equates into binging your favourite Netflix series for hours without any downsides.

The verdict

The Hisense 90L5H Laser TV gives viewers amazing image quality on a huge scale, and its ability to be used in any size room makes it an excellent choice for a home cinema experience.

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Supersize your home entertainment with a Hisense 90-inch 4K Laser TV