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Builders Warehouse revolutionises yard operations with Service Systems’ flow management solution

Builders Warehouse, a leading home improvements retailer, has successfully streamlined its yard operations by leveraging Service Systems’ expertise in customer flow management, software and hardware development. Builders has implemented an innovative yard management solution that helps to measure and improve their customer experience and operations.

The solution allows staff to scan vehicles into the yard and categorise the reason for visit. Each reason has a wait time threshold that is measured and monitored in real-time.

Facing the challenge of optimising yard operations while minimising disruptions, The collaborative effort resulted in reduced customer wait times and a seamless collection process. The real-time data insights empowered Builders to monitor customer wait times, staff performance, and vehicle dwell times, thereby driving continuous improvements.

The ongoing collaboration between Builders Warehouse and Service Systems ensures agility and innovation by embracing emerging technologies and continuous digital enhancement initiatives. Builders remains a leader in the home improvements retail industry.

In addition to streamlining yard operations, the system doubles as a digital visitor log book – saving time as staff no longer need to manually sign vehicles in and out of the yard.

The success of the project exemplifies the power of collaboration and expertise in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Through partnerships and advanced solutions, retailers can achieve remarkable success in today’s competitive landscape.

Service Systems and Builders Warehouse have been in partnership for over 10 years, collaborating on various projects to enhance customer experience across the business.

Contact Service Systems to learn more about their technology solutions and drive transformative change in your retail operations. Together, we can create a future of seamless customer experiences and operational excellence.

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Builders Warehouse revolutionises yard operations with Service Systems’ flow management solution