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Neobanking has arrived in South Africa – Join the Xhuma revolution

South Africa has joined the neobanking fintech revolution with the introduction of its own innovative offering called Xhuma – meaning “to connect”.

This fintech will simplify financial management, provide greater control over money, and offer a wide range of features – such as digital savings pockets and automated transactions.

Combined with its competitive pricing and user-friendly interface, Xhuma will set itself apart and transform personal finance management in South Africa.

The benefits of Xhuma

Xhuma consolidates various financial management tools into one convenient interface while maintaining affordable pricing comparable to that of the cheapest bank accounts – as users can access Xhuma for as little as R13 per month.

It functions with physical and virtual cards and enables users to deposit and withdraw funds, make payments, and access other services directly through the app.

Xhuma’s wide feature set eliminates the need for multiple apps, thereby simplifying financial transactions, and even introduces fun features like personalized GIFs and stickers that are linked to instant money transfers.

Digital sign-ups take less than 3.5 minutes to complete – and here are the key features that you will experience once you are a member:


Xhuma incorporates powerful functionality that provides a holistic view of your finances.

Users can track spending, monitor adherence to budgets, and leverage valuable insights to achieve their financial goals through a couple of simple taps.


Managing shared expenses among friends or roommates is effortless with Xhuma.

Users can instantly split multiple bills and settle group expenses with just a few taps, promoting transparency and healthy financial relationships.

Group Vaults and streamlined stokvel management

Xhuma caters to communities engaged in stokvels by automating contributions, payouts, and record-keeping.

This feature enhances transparency, eliminates manual processes, and streamlines overall stokvel operations.

Automated Savings Goals using Vaults

Xhuma allows users to set savings goals and effortlessly track their progress.

The app provides personalized insights and prompts to encourage regular savings, making it easier to achieve financial objectives.

Automated recurring savings payments dedicated to individual goals simplify the saving process further.


Xhuma goes beyond personal finance management by integrating an AI-powered travel assistant.

Users can plan trips through the app and get access to the best prices on flights, accommodation, travel insurance, and even assistance with understanding visa requirements.

Cutting-Edge AI Customer Service

Xhuma’s artificial intelligence-driven customer support ensures quick and efficient issue resolution for clients.

Users can expect instant outcomes without the long waits and frustrations often experienced with traditional call centres.

New chapter

Xhuma’s entry into the South African market signifies an exciting chapter in the country’s financial landscape.

As the local answer to the most popular global fintechs, Xhuma aims to disrupt the traditional banking sector with its innovative and customer-centric approach.

Its user-friendly interface, seamless onboarding, and powerful community-based financial tools have the potential to transform how South Africans perceive and interact with transactional services.

Xhuma’s success could inspire further innovation and competition in the South African neobanking market, too, ultimately benefiting consumers.

By prioritizing simplicity, convenience, and financial empowerment, Xhuma paves the way for a new era of digital banking in South Africa, and caters to the needs of a digitally savvy generation.

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Neobanking has arrived in South Africa – Join the Xhuma revolution