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Xiaomi new smart vacuums – Take the chore out of cleaning your home

Xiaomi’s innovative smart vacuum cleaners will keep your floors pristine at home and in the office – no labour required.

There are four different models available in South Africa, with each one tailored to provide excellent functionality in different scenarios.

Whichever model you choose, you are guaranteed a high-tech product that has been painstakingly crafted to fulfil Xiaomi’s excellent reputation for quality and performance.

Thanks to this attention to detail, all four Xiaomi Robot Vacuum’s are industry leaders at their price point.

Why you need a Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums are the future of home cleaning as they take the effort out of your hands.

This is possible thanks to their robust automation capabilities, which ensure that they can run autonomously – freeing up time for you to spend with your loved ones.

Additionally, thanks to these devices’ comprehensive support for scheduling, you can set your robot vacuum to silent mode and leave it running during the night so that you wake up to a clean home.

Another popular option is to schedule your cleaning for your work hours so that when you return home, you are greeted with spotless floors.

The Xiaomi difference

Xiaomi is an industry leader in smart vacuum technologies thanks to its positioning as one of the world’s foremost technology brands.

This gives it superior knowledge of how to use AI effectively, and this is evident when you compare the performance of its new smart vacuum range to that of the competition.

We unpack each of the four new Xiaomi Robot Vacuums available in South Africa, below.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10

The E10 is the most accessible of Xiaomi’s smart vacuum models and will keep the floors of your apartment spotless without breaking the bank.

It stands apart from other entry-level models from lesser-known brands thanks to its impressive features and specifications, and the stringent levels of testing it has undergone.

For example: The E10 boasts a 2,600mAh battery that allows it to run for nearly two hours before it needs to charge itself. This is sufficient battery life to clean a room in one go.

If the E10 does need to recharge itself during a cleaning cycle, it will automatically return to its charging station, recharge itself, and then continue from where it left off.

The room will be spotless after this pass thanks to the E10’s innovative zigzagging path that reaches areas that other smart vacuums would have missed – while using its sensors to avoid furniture collisions.

This cleaning pass is further enhanced by four adjustable suction levels that can handle different types of dirt.

These offer up to 4000Pa of suction power, which is significantly more than other products in this price range – which typically offer between 2000Pa and 3000Pa.

With this vastly superior suction power, not only will your E10 smart vacuum effortlessly pick up every last grain of dust; it is also capable of picking up more challenging dirt – such as pet hair.

Then, depending on your floor type, the E10’s smart water tank will adjust its water discharge for the best clean, every time.

The E10 has a recommended retail price (RRP) of R4,499 and is your best choice if you want a trustworthy robot vacuum that will keep your floors dust free with meticulous accuracy.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10

The S10 offers everything the E10 can do and more thanks to its 3,200mAh battery.

Having such a large battery means you can clean larger rooms for longer, and makes this robot vacuum the better choice if you live in a large house with sizeable lounges and living areas.

It also offers cleaning efficiency improvements through its precise laser navigation technology that ensures it never gets lost during a pass.

This technology has a range of up to eight metres and is enhanced by a raised LDS sensor which provides a 360-degree detection range.

These technologies combine to ensure that you can leave your S10 running while at work, knowing that it won’t get stuck during a cycle.

This also makes the S10 the superior choice if you have rooms to clean with lots of furniture on the floor, as it will do an even better job of navigating these chairs, tables, and couches.

The S10 supports the same four suction modes of the E10, as well as the powerful 4000Pa suction fan blower that will keep your floors spotless.

With a recommended retail price of only R5,999, you won’t find a better value offering in this segment.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+

The S10+ takes everything that makes the S10 great and adds more functionality and power – starting with its massive 5,200mAh battery.

This increase in battery size makes covering up to 200 square metres in a single cleaning pass possible.

With such a big coverage area, the S10+ is ideal for large homes and is also extremely popular among businesses that want to keep their office spotless.

Like the S10, it uses advanced laser navigation technology. The S10+ takes this a step further, however, with its 3D obstacle avoidance system.

This is a complex technology that ultimately has a significant impact on the ability of the S10+ to navigate obstacles with pinpoint precision.

Thanks to this, the S10+ is a great choice if you have a room that is full of furniture.

The improvements with the S10+ extend to its water tank, too, which has a an increased capacity for mopping up to a 150 square metres in a single pass.

These mopping cycles are then enhanced by double-layer composite mop pads that hugely improve the device’s stain removal capabilities.

When it reaches the edge of a carpet during a mopping cycle, the S10+ will automatically identify this and will navigate away to ensure your carpets remain bone dry.

For larger rooms, as well as a vastly improved mopping sequence, the S10+ offers excellent value at a RRP of only R9,999.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+

The most powerful of the Xiaomi smart vacuums, the X10+ takes cleaning automation another level.

It offers the most accurate navigation yet thanks to its S-Cross AI Advanced obstacle recognition and avoidance technology, which can adapt to any environment with millimetre-level accuracy.

This adaptability is important, as the X10+ offers the deepest range of cleaning functions of any Xiaomi smart vacuum – from mopping and dust absorption to collecting larger waste and dirt.

This is all automatically managed by Xiaomi’s innovative Smart Cleaning Station, which serves as a dedicated hub for the X10+ and supports a wide range of features.

This includes:

  • Automatic pad washing
  • Waste collection
  • Water tank refilling
  • Charging

Thanks to the expanded functionality of the Smart Cleaning Station, you can effectively leave your X10+ running and it will continually manage itself.

If you want the ultimate cleaning experience, the X10+ is the industry leader – and it is available in South Africa for an RRP of R19,999.

View Xiaomi’s smart vacuums on Takealot here.

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Xiaomi new smart vacuums – Take the chore out of cleaning your home