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EcoFlow August Sale – Save over 40% on South Africa’s best portable power stations

EcoFlow is running a sale that makes its industry-leading portable power stations even more affordable for South Africans.

The sale will run until 14 August 2023 and includes huge savings on the EcoFlow RIVER 2 and the EcoFlow DELTA series power stations.

These power stations are incredibly convenient to use, as their plug-and-play functionality means they can be moved around your home used where needed when load-shedding strikes.

Multiple devices can then be simultaneously powered by your EcoFlow power station through its wide range of outputs – including USB-A, USB-C, AC, and DC ports.

EcoFlows smart technologies

Where EcoFlow’s portable power stations truly stand apart from the competition, however, is their innovative smart technologies:

  • X-Stream improves charging speeds by up to five times over the competition, charging from 0-100% in as little as an hour.
  • X-Boost allows you to increase the wattage output of your power station when necessary – such as when using power-intensive appliances like microwaves.

These technologies work particularly well with the high-quality components that EcoFlow uses to build its portable power stations – such as its superior LFP batteries, offering 3,000 cycles to 80% capacity, which is about 10 years of daily use.

Each of EcoFlow’s portable power stations offers its own unique benefits, too – and we unpack these benefits below.

EcoFlow River 2 – R5,999 (Save R1,000)

The EcoFlow RIVER 2 comes with a 256Wh capacity and an output of 300W.

This can be extended to 600W, thanks to EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology, and is perfect for powering laptops, gaming consoles, Wi-Fi routers, and TVs during load-shedding.

At only 3.5kg, it is also incredibly portable – making it the perfect companion for your next holiday.

Alternatively, you can use its 30ms EPS switchover functionality in your home while you are away.

This feature allows your RIVER 2 to function as an emergency EPS – switching over from grid power to your power station as soon as the power goes out.

EcoFlow owners love using this feature to ensure their phones, lights, and Wi-Fi routers stay powered while they are away.

EcoFlow Delta + Free 160W Solar Panel – R19,999 (Save R13,999)

The EcoFlow DELTA offers a massive 1,260Wh capacity and a powerful 1,800W output.

This output power can increase to 2,400W by using X-Boost – allowing you to run power-intensive appliances like kettles, microwaves, hair dryers, and geysers without issue.

The power station has an impressive 11 outlets, too, allowing you to run multiple devices and appliances at the same time.

EcoFlow has also included a free, efficient 160W solar panel to reduce your reliance on the national electricity grid.

When you take into account its portability, the EcoFlow DELTA is clearly the superior choice over a big, noisy generator or an expensive inverter-and-battery system.

Learn more about the EcoFlow August Sale.

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EcoFlow August Sale – Save over 40% on South Africa’s best portable power stations