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Solar power installations from Ellies – The best financial decision for your home

While load-shedding is incredibly frustrating, and alternative power sources are a convenient solution, the real value of a solar power system lies in the savings it offers.

This is according to Ellies CEO Shaun Prithivirajh, who highlighted that solar power is the most responsible financial decision a South African can make in 2023.

Electricity prices continue to balloon and this shows no sign of slowing down – making a solar power investment more valuable as time passes.

“While the initial investment seems substantial, you need to amortise it across a period of time compared to the Eskom rates,” said Prithivirajh.

Future-proofing your investment

The best way to maximise the savings that solar power offers is by building a future-proof system.

This involves laying out in clear detail which appliances and services you want to be powered by your solar power system in the long term.

“You don’t have to build the entire system immediately, just make sure you get the right capacity battery and inverter to meet your long-term objective,” said Prithivirajh.

“Solar power systems are modular, and you can add more solar panels and batteries over time with minimum fuss – but you don’t want to have to completely replace your inverter or battery down the line.”

Trusted brands

Prithivirajh also stressed that South Africans must buy solar products from respected brands that offer excellent after-market service.

“We have found that most of the major brands offer products of a similar quality, and we now choose our partners based on the quality and speed of their repair processes,” said Prithivirajh.

He also warned against buying lesser known “grey market” products that do not have a strong local presence, as these are often of inferior quality and have no after-market support in South Africa.

“Solar power is a sizeable investment, so make sure you do it right the first time,” said Prithivirajh.

Work with Ellies

When installing a solar power system for your home, it is equally important to use a qualified installer who has your best interests at heart.

Ellies guarantees this thanks to its robust national network of installers.

With over 40 years of experience working with installers across a wide range of technologies, Ellies has all the infrastructure necessary to facilitate and manage a nationwide network.

In addition to this, Ellies is running a programme to retrain its existing satellite installers to become solar power installers – with high levels of scrutiny in place.

“While a self-governing body must accredit all legitimate installers, we also require all installers who partner with us to complete our own Ellies certification,” said Prithivirajh.

In contrast, using small-time installers whom Ellies have not vetted runs the risk of your installer being an amateur looking to make a quick buck and then disappear.

“The Ellies promise is that we will keep working with you until your solar system meets all your expectations,” said Prithivirajh.

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Solar power installations from Ellies – The best financial decision for your home