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Service Systems helps launch Cape Town’s new Refugee Reception Centre

The long wait for a Cape Town Refugee Reception Centre has finally ended, as a new office on Grenville Avenue, Epping has officially opened its doors.

This comes after more than ten years of court battles since the Department of Home Affairs closed the previous Cape Town refugee office.

To manage the influx of visitors and the unique queueing requirements of the office, Mercury Integrations – the principal contractor – appointed Service Systems as the preferred solutions provider for the new facility.

Service Systems was selected due to its favourable pricing and flexibility, as well as its impressive development and integration capabilities.

About the project

According to Terence Conradie, Execution Samurai at Service Systems, the centre is fitted with six large screens for clear visual and audible queue notifications.

This is over and above the system’s typical requirement of a self-service ticketing system with all the necessary service selections.

Additionally, each of the 33 serving counter PCs runs the Service Systems state-of-the-art soft pad for queue management.

A unique requirement in this regard was that the queueing system needed to be integrated into the centre’s access control turnstile system.

To achieve this, each ticket has a unique QR Code that permits entry to specific sections of the building.

This code must be scanned by one of the integrated scanning units that are placed at various access-controlled stages of the visitor journey.

Naturally, Service Systems was well-equipped to provide this solution.

Data and reporting

Conradie added that with this project, Service Systems upheld its excellent reputation for delivering invaluable analytical reporting.

To achieve this, data is extracted from the Virtual Queue solution – including stats like peak service times, waiting times and transaction times.

Management can then use this information to analyse trends, monitor the performance of each agent, and implement performance management measures if or when necessary.

Work with Service Systems

Service Systems’ Queue Management System is working excellently for the Cape Town Refugee Reception Centre – and your organisation can take advantage of this, too.

The Queue Management System is a valuable tool for improving your operations, creating a more fluid visitor experience, and maximising your operational efficiency.

Contact Service Systems to learn more about their technology solutions and drive transformative change in your operations.

“Together, we can create a future of seamless visitor experiences and operational excellence,” said Conradie.

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Service Systems helps launch Cape Town’s new Refugee Reception Centre