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Reach ICT decision-makers on MyBroadband with category takeovers

MyBroadband’s category takeovers are an excellent way to get your brand in front of key South African ICT decision-makers.

The branding takeovers deliver on articles that are published to specific MyBroadband content categories.

Your business can therefore target the decision-makers who work in these fields and who read MyBroadband to keep up to date on the latest industry trends.

For example: Decision-makers who work in the cloud and hosting industry read articles in MyBroadband’s Cloud and Hosting category.

There are 33 categories to choose from, making finding a suitable audience for your marketing efforts easy.

A category takeover campaign of MyBroadbands Fibre category is shown below, as an example.

Category Takeover Mockup Afrihost

Booking a category takeover

MyBroadband’s marketing team will manage your category takeover campaign from start to finish.

This includes creating digital branding (if needed), managing the delivery of your category takeover, and sending you reports about your campaign’s performance.

Click here to learn more about category takeovers on MyBroadband.

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Reach ICT decision-makers on MyBroadband with category takeovers