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Get yourself the Lalela Lithium Inverter Trolley and save yourself from load-shedding

South Africans know that when it comes to load-shedding, there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Many people are therefore turning to inverters to keep the power on.

Lalela’s lithium inverter trolleys are the easiest way to keep your home or small office powered for several hours when load-shedding hits, and are available in South Africa at excellent prices.

The Lalela Inverter Trolley is the ideal solution to keep your home office up and running during load-shedding.

The Inverter trolley can power a full home office with multiple devices connected – including desktops, monitors, routers and even your TV and DSTV decoder.

The inverter will switch seamlessly between Eskom power and backup power and will automatically recharge the batteries when electricity is supplied.

These lithium batteries offer up to 6,000 charging cycles, compared to the 150 cycles offered by most lead acid batteries.

The cycle life of these batteries at different depths of discharge (DOD) is as follows:

  • 6,000 Cycles at 50% DOD
  • 3,500 Cycles at 80% DOD
  • 2,000 Cycles at 100% DOD

Lalela offers three inverter trolleys that use these lithium batteries (LiFePO4), as well as pure sinewave inverters that are ideal for sensitive electronics.

We detail these systems, below.

The video below explains how to choose the Lalela Inverter that will accommodate your needs.

Lalela 1KVA Lithium Inverter Trolley

If you are looking for huge battery life, this inverter trolley is for you.

With a 1,024Wh capacity, it is the flagship inverter trolley in the Lalela range – and will easily get you through the longest stages of load-shedding.

It offers at least 5 hours of charge for office work when using a desktop and monitor, and the same amount of time if you run your TV and DStv decoder – which is more than sufficient for even stage 8 load-shedding.

You can also expect up to 20 hours of laptop run time with this unit.

There is no better inverter trolley for handling even the most intense load-shedding stages.

Lalela 615Wh Lithium Inverter Trolley

The LAL-600WP-50AH can power the home office – comprising a laptop, a monitor, Wi-Fi router, and printer – for at least 7 hours thanks to its 615Wh lithium battery.

Alternatively, it can power a laptop and 2 monitors for 4.5 hours – more than sufficient for stage 6 load-shedding.

This inverter trolley is also compatible with all your other office equipment, including Wi-Fi routers and telephones.

You can therefore keep working throughout load-shedding without any concerns about running out of power, or keep yourself entertained over the same period.

Lalela 768Wh Lithium Inverter Trolley

This power trolley features the same size inverter as the previous unit, but with a larger 768Wh battery to keep your devices running for longer.

This battery offers a 768Wh capacity to give you 4.5 hours of run time when using your desktop and monitor for office work.

This inverter will also keep your TV and DStv decoder powered up for approximately 4.5 hours, or your laptop running for up to 18 hours.

With this inverter trolley, you will future-proof yourself against higher stages of load-shedding that may result in 4-hour power cuts at one time.

These inverter trolleys are available from top local retailers:

If you are an IT reseller, contact Tarsus to purchase your Lalela products directly.

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Get yourself the Lalela Lithium Inverter Trolley and save yourself from load-shedding