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Redefine Manufacturing with MTN Business 5G Private Networks

MTN Business 5G Private Networks are redefining manufacturing efficiency, flexibility, and safety by seamlessly facilitating the operation of smart factories.

This 5G service delivers the resilience and speeds that are key to solving latency issues on fast-paced assembly lines – where even a microsecond delay can result in costly disruptions.

Likewise, when using MTN Business 5G Private Network solutions, industrial robotics can communicate more reliably and companies can enable the adoption of augmented reality to support training, maintenance, construction, and repairs.

At the heart of all of these benefits is the fact that MTN Business 5G Private Network solutions enable the use of digital twins – which we unpack below.

Digital twins and enhanced productivity

A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object (like an industrial machine) or a factory process.

Using a digital twin as well as technologies like augmented reality, manufacturers can test the effectiveness of machines and processes through simulations without investing in expensive prototypes.

Alongside the clear cost benefits, digital twins also reduce development times, testing times, and the chance of production defects.

When combined with investment into sensors and machine learning in assembly lines, your systems will be able to predict, prevent, and even prescriptively fix problems before they occur.

Advantages of digital transformation

Digital twins are one of the many advantages that MTN Business 5G Private Networks offer to manufacturing businesses.

Additional benefits to companies include:

  • Sustainable growth – Digital innovation allows continuous growth.
  • Job satisfaction – Improved safety and ease of use drives employee happiness and retention.
  • Financial gains – Reduced costs and less material waste result in more overall efficiency, while improved products allow for more competitive pricing.

MTN Business 5G Private Networks are therefore the best way to digitally transform your company and make smart manufacturing the new standard.

Smart factories are the future of production, and with MTN Business 5G Private Networks, it has never been easier to embrace their potential.

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Redefine Manufacturing with MTN Business 5G Private Networks