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Excited to upgrade to your new iPhone? Here are reasons why you should upgrade at iStore

If you’re getting a new iPhone, iStore offers unique benefits for iPhone customers that you cannot get anywhere else. You can get your new iPhone your way at iStore.

You can get up to R15 000 cash back and save on your new iPhone with trade in, find the best iPhone contract deals, get access to the widest iPhone range, get free iCare Plus Extended Warranty valued at R1,999 and many other options, services and ultimate value under one roof.

You can get cash back by trading in and upgrading to a new iPhone

At iStore, you can trade in and upgrade to a new cellular contract and get up to R15 000 cash back straight into your bank account, to spend on whatever you want, wherever you want. You can also lock-in your trade in value beforehand to ensure you get the maximum possible value for your current iPhone until such a time as you are ready to trade in.

iStore is locking in their trade in values until December 2023.

You dont need to go anywhere else to upgrade your iPhone

At iStore, the “Everything iPhone Under One Roof” store, it’s easier than ever to upgrade your iPhone to the latest model. No matter where you originally signed up for your personal or business contract, you can get your upgrade on Vodacom, MTN, or Telkom.

Trained experts, who are as passionate about the amazing features and benefits of iPhone as you are, will help you evaluate the options and make the best choice. There’s no need to go anywhere but the home of iPhone!

Youll get extra peace of mind for free with an iCare Plus Extended Warranty

Why should you care about iCare? Two reasons: firstly, it’s an extended two-year warranty that includes a screen replacement, and best of all, it won’t cost you a cent when you upgrade to a new iPhone at iStore. iCare Plus is valued at R1,999, and your won’t get it anywhere else but iStore.

You can upgrade your iPhone from the comfort of home

iStore makes it click-and-easy for you with an online upgrade service. No matter where you originally signed up for your contract, you can apply for your upgrade on Vodacom, MTN, or Telkom, just by visiting our website.

You’ll enjoy free same-day courier delivery of your iPhone, straight from iStore to your doorstep, once your deal goes through.

10 minute Self-Service Upgrade for Vodacom Contracts

iStore now offers a new quick, easy and convenient way for customers to upgrade their Vodacom contract to a new iPhone, online at iStore, it can take as quick as 10 minutes and customers can upgrade from anywhere.

Customers will be able complete their upgrade application and have their new iPhone delivered the same day in major centres.

Youll get free expert technical support and training on iPhone

Ease of use is one of the great joys of owning an iPhone. But if you ever need support or have a technical question or issue, iStore’s trained technicians will be happy to help you out — at no cost at all.

Why would you go anywhere else to get your new iPhone, when iStore has so many benefits for iPhone customers not available anywhere else.

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Excited to upgrade to your new iPhone? Here are reasons why you should upgrade at iStore