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Getting a ‘career in tech’ is more approachable than you may think

As Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has said, “In today’s world, every company is a software company.” Not to say that every company makes software, but it’s safe to say that some level of technology is embedded into most experiences we encounter daily.

Consequently, degrees in computer science and engineering are highly sought after as a route to a trustworthy career. In fact, “the majority of the fastest growing roles on the global jobs outlook list are technology-related roles,” according to the statistics, indicating that this is a career path that is worthwhile to pursue.

However, most individuals are unaware that many of these tech-related positions require more specialized skill sets than just general coding knowledge.

That may not seem like a significant distinction to most people, but it indicates that there are many technology-based jobs for which most normal degrees do not adequately prepare students—and which many job seekers are unaware even exist.

In fact, the demand for technical talent is so great that some organizations are shifting away from only concentrating on applicants with traditional degrees and adopting a skills-first strategy by looking for and finding individuals with recognized technical abilities.

Therefore, more companies are looking for individuals who are skilled at using the technology that organizations run on, such as the cloud in Microsoft’s case, Microsoft Azure, customer relationship management tools like Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM, communication and collaboration tools (like Microsoft 365—Excel, Teams, PowerPoint, etc.), and many more.

Although Microsoft strives to make these tools valuable right out of the box for any user, the reality is that employers are using these tools in ways that consumers may not, which is why to truly maximize their benefits, organizations must hire and/or train people who specialize in their use.

And that’s where Mecer Inter-Ed comes in, by providing our clients access to subject matter experts and delivering authorized and industry-leading instruction through multiple delivery formats, we set the stage for your success by reducing skills gaps in an ever-changing business environment.

Role-based training and certifications at Mecer Inter-Ed, where we match roles with specific courses of study. Microsoft works through extensive job task analysis to understand what the market is asking for, consulting external experts and analysts along the way.

This provides a holistic view of how identified roles meet industry and market needs, with skills and capabilities needed for the job, including specializations, hands-on experience, and practice requirements.

Mecer Inter-Ed can help you set your own course for professional success

The objectivity of technical skills is one of their many benefits for job seekers: Your skill level ranges from “unfamiliar” to “expert,” and you have a variety of ways to demonstrate or validate your skills, either in conjunction with or even without prior relevant work experience.

By honing a certain set of technological skills, you may differentiate yourself from the competition and apply for jobs that best suit your abilities. By choosing the jobs you want to work in, listing the abilities required to be successful in them, and then pursuing one of the numerous options accessible to you, you can take control of your career.

This is your moment

Now is the perfect time to start your career in technology. You can unlock new horizons of opportunity if you’re eager to learn and develop a certain set of technical skills. You can position yourself for a fruitful and fulfilling career by making the most of self-directed learning and the various avenues to showcase your skill sets.

How to kickstart your Learning Journey?

Determine the technical abilities you require, then develop them through a variety of training alternatives to put them to use in practical situations. Then, you may highlight those abilities on your CV and on social media sites like LinkedIn, attracting the interest of possible employers, recruiters, and coworkers to help you land the job you want.

We can help you find the desired job-role and then assess the skillsets required, once identified contact us at [email protected] to assist you with choosing the most relevant learning path to help you achieve your professional goals.

At Mecer Inter-Ed we are committed to training, enabling, and transforming the lives of professionals by enhancing their knowledge and in turn, taking careers to the next level!

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Getting a ‘career in tech’ is more approachable than you may think