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The appliances I would choose for my ultimate Xiaomi smart home

Smart homes are the future – and Xiaomi is leading the way with its extensive range of cutting-edge smart appliances.

Not only do each of their appliances offer excellent functionality in their own right; they also work in unison to create interconnected systems that improve your everyday life.

These systems are then easily scheduled and managed through the Mi Home app, which puts your smart home control at your fingertips.

Building our dream smart home

Having covered a wide range of Xiaomi smart appliances, we at MyBroadband have a firm understanding of which devices would improve our lives the most.

After discussing this with my colleagues, it became clear the ultimate Xiaomi smart home depends significantly on personal preference – as different appliances would be more valuable to people with certain habits and tendencies.

For this article, I have listed the Xiaomi smart appliances comprising my ideal smart home.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker (IR Control)

Xiaomi’s Smart Speakers deliver excellent sound quality and are a great way to listen to the radio, podcasts or music each morning.

Even more important for me would be the ability to use my Xiaomi Smart Speaker’s voice control capabilities to manage my other smart devices.

Giving verbal instructions to my Smart Speaker makes it easy to automate my morning routine, as well as other tasks throughout the day.

I would choose the IR Control version of the Xiaomi Smart Speaker for its bonus functionality – including an LED clock and a built-in IR transmitter.

This transmitter is crucial for controlling any smart devices that do not support Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as controlling some non-smart devices, such as TVs and aircons, which use infrared signals.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro

My first tasks every morning are walking half-asleep to my kitchen, turning my kettle on, and trudging back to bed while it boils.

With the Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro, all I would have to do is speak to my Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker and it would automatically set my Smart Kettle Pro in motion – with me lying in bed the whole time.

The convenience of this would be unmatched.

Another way to integrate my Smart Kettle Pro into my morning routine would be to schedule it to begin boiling water at a specific time.

Additionally, as a self-professed caffeine addict, I will often have a second cup of coffee within the next hour.

Thanks to the Smart Kettle Pro’s “keep warm” mode, I wouldn’t have to boil my kettle from scratch here.

Xiaomi Mi 3.5L Smart Air Fryer

While I already own an air fryer – and love how simple it makes cooking meals – the Xiaomi Mi 3.5L Smart Air Fryer would take this to a new level.

Boasting 1,500W of power and up to 200-degree cooking temperatures, this air fryer can handle any dishes with ease. This is complemented by a 3.5-litre capacity, allowing me to cook more food in a single go.

Beyond cooking food, this air fryer can also defrost frozen goods, dry fruits, and ferment vegetables – providing unmatched versatility.

Where it truly shines, though, is its smart functionality.

I could set it to begin cooking meals instantly using nothing but my smartphone, or could schedule cooking cycles in advance to ensure that my dinner is ready by the time I arrive home from work.

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact

Living in Gauteng means that air quality is a big problem – and as someone who regularly experiences allergies and headaches, I would welcome an air purifier at home.

In my opinion, Xiaomi’s Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact is the ultimate solution. Not only does it remove up to 99.97% of particles from the air, it also filters pollen and other allergens.

Furthermore, it is easy to control using the Xiaomi Mi Home app – allowing me to purify the air in my home remotely while I am away, so that when I return, I am greeted with clean, fresh air.

With added voice control support, I could use my Xiaomi Smart Speaker to turn my purifier on and off at a moment’s notice too.

Build your dream Xiaomi Smart Home

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The appliances I would choose for my ultimate Xiaomi smart home