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Keep your new iPhone 15 safe with premium smartphone cases from Gammatek

Gammatek is a leading South African distributor of branded technology accessories, and the smartphone cases for the new Apple iPhone 15.

The company has built a reputation for bringing the best technology accessories to South Africa and offers excellent iPhone 15 cases from leading brands such as UAG, Speck, and Body Glove.

With the iPhone 15 set to launch later this month, it is essential that you buy a high-quality smartphone case now to protect your new Apple device.

Below are the best cases for protecting your iPhone 15, available from Gammatek.


Urban Armor Gear (UAG) is a leading designer of rugged, lightweight mobile device cases and accessories, and boasts an impressive range of new options for the iPhone 15.

Its smartphone cases offer the unrivalled durability that UAG is known for – including drop protection, an ultralight impact frame, airsoft corners – and a featherlight composite construction.

For the iPhone 15, the UAG team also strengthened the uniquely shaped magnet modules the cases come with, ensuring a better connection to all Apple MagSafe accessories.

This is super valuable, as MagSafe accessories greatly increase the functionality of your iPhone – offering everything from wireless charging to car mounts and card holders.

Furthermore, with the launch of the iPhone 15 range, UAG is bringing back its Kevlar-layered cases for unrivalled protection.

These Monarch Pro cases boast a multi-layered design with a shock-resistant core, an armour frame layered with DuPont Kevlar Material, a polycarbonate shear plate, and an impact-resistant rubber surround.

Other key features of the Monarch Pro cases include:

  • Built-in MagSafe module
  • Apple Pay compatible
  • Traction grip and oversized tactile buttons
  • Integrated lanyard anchor
  • 7.6m drop protection


Speck boasts over 20 years of experience in producing award-winning accessories for major phone brands, and its new iPhone 15 cases reflects this expertise.

With elegant designs that combine aesthetics with functionality, Speck is the way to go if you want a sleek and stylish smartphone case that protects your phone effectively.

For the iPhone 15, the new Speck MagSafe cases are 20% slimmer with no-slip inverted grips – giving the case a unique textured pattern that helps you easily hold onto your phone.

Speck’s cases are also designed to support a wide range of Apple MagSafe accessories.

Body Glove

If you’re worried about your iPhone 15 getting wet, there is no better option than a Body Glove cover.

With decades of experience producing water-resistant products, Body Glove smartphone covers are unrivalled – delivering 100% waterproof protection that doesn’t compromise on screen access.

Whether you’re at the beach or sitting by the pool, you can kiss concerns about a water-soaked iPhone 15 goodbye.

Body Glove also provides waterproof AirPod cases and watch straps for the Apple Watch.

Choose Gammatek

Choosing the right case for your iPhone 15 is essential for keeping it in excellent condition.

You can purchase your preferred UAG, Speck, or Body Glove iPhone 15 cover from most mobile network stores and through online retailers such as Takealot and Incredible.

Click here to view Gammatek’s iPhone 15 covers.

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Keep your new iPhone 15 safe with premium smartphone cases from Gammatek