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Defying the discomfort of loadshedding

In a world where loadshedding has become the uninvited guest at dinner, disrupting our lives and our meals, Defy and Teljoy rise to the occasion, by presenting innovative and cost-effective solutions to the dreading “stage sickness”.

Load Shedding in South Africa: Beyond Power Cuts

Load shedding in South Africa wreaks havoc on daily life in numerous ways. Power surges risk damaging valuable electronic devices.

And the fallout is expensive; households spend an average of R5,000 monthly to counteract load shedding’s repercussions, from investing in backup power to replacing ruined appliances.

Teljoy offers solutions to both of these problems, firstly by offering cover on all of their products for surge, as well as fire and lightning damage and theft.

They also offer a maintenance plan for your appliances (whether you got them from Teljoy or not) called EasyFix that covers your appliances for repairs, parts and call-out fees.

Secondly, Teljoy has a range of portable power stations on easy-to-afford month-to-month subscription, so you can keep your essentials on during load shedding.

However, the cost isn’t just financial. Safety becomes a concern when systems like alarms fail, heightening vulnerability to crimes during outages. Daily routines get upended, with load-shedding-induced traffic jams disrupting school and work.

The business landscape isn’t spared either; reduced productivity can result in job losses, especially in sectors like tourism and healthcare.

Furthermore, families grapple with food preservation issues, escalating food wastage, and heightening hunger concerns.

Defy’s Gas Cooking Range Solution

When it comes to interrupted meals due to the power going out at the most inconvenient times, Defy’s gas cooking range solutions are not just a response to the challenges of intermittent power but a declaration of their commitment to consumer needs.

As the market leader in home appliances, Defy’s gas stoves seamlessly blends practicality with elegance, ensuring that cooking continues uninterrupted, regardless of the lights going out.

The beauty of these appliances? They operate independently of electricity. This means faster cooking times, precision temperature control, and an uninterrupted culinary journey, even during loadshedding.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef craving the finesse of a full gas hob paired with an electric oven, a curious first-timer enticed by the balance of a dual-fuel hob and electric oven, or someone seeking the raw power of both a full gas hob and oven, Defy ensures there’s a perfect match for you.

From sleek gas on glass hobs to diverse size options ranging from 50, 60, to 90cm formats, Defy’s range ensures a snug fit and seamless integration in every home.

Here, variety truly meets versatility, guaranteeing a solution tailored for everyone.

Safe, Efficient, and Predictable

People are often concerned about gas leaks when it comes to gas appliances, but Defy has this solved with the advanced Flame Failure Safety Device on all gas stoves.

The intuitive sensor detects if the flame ever goes out unexpectedly and instantly cuts the gas supply to that specific burner. It’s not just about efficient cooking; it’s about providing a safe environment so that you can cook with confidence, knowing you’re protected.

Additionally, gas cookers allow cooking at higher temperatures than their electric counterparts, reducing cooking time. Not only this, but cooking with gas ensures uniform heat distribution, mean that every morsel will be perfectly cooked.

Now you’re Cooking with Gas!

Defy’s gas cooking range solution is more than just a remedy for loadshedding; it’s an invitation to a reliable, efficient, and environmentally-conscious cooking experience.

Embrace the art of cooking with Defy, a brand that remains a frontrunner in the industry, and consider the undeniable advantages of transitioning to gas. Your kitchen, your family and your planet will thank you!

Defy’s range of gas cookers are now available at Teljoy, on flexible month-to-month subscription, with a host of benefits included in the monthly price, including free delivery and installation, the ability to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time, maintenance and repairs included (with a loan unit for the duration of repairs) AND risk cover thrown in.

There’s never been a better time to get cooking with Defy and Teljoy!

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Defying the discomfort of loadshedding