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InPower Solar – Get Solar Power from only R1,980 per month and Backup Power for only R790 per month!

InPower Solar is the best way for Cape Town homeowners to escape load shedding and reduce their carbon footprint.

A trusted solar power system installer in the Western Cape, InPower’s reliable and sustainable solar solutions set them apart. A proud member of the Faircape Group, their 39-year legacy shines with over 400 successful solar installations around the Cape.

The solar system financing provider breaks the cost barrier to entry for installing solar power solutions for your home. It’s repayment plan terms are the most flexible financing solution available in the country.

For example: you can install a 3kW solar system that includes a 5kW inverter, a 5.5kWh battery, and six 455W solar panels for only R1,980 per month on a 48-month contract.

This price is fully inclusive; there is no extra cost for installation, equipment, or labour.

With this 3kW solar system, you can enjoy huge savings of up to R2,000 per month on your electricity bill. The value of your property will increase, and you will be able to sell excess power back to the grid for additional savings.

Not convinced Solar is the way to go? InPower is one of the country’s only companies that provides financing for inverter battery backup installations.

Starting from as little as R790p/m (with a 50% deposit) or R1500p/m (with a 10% deposit) get a 3kW home backup power solution to power you through load shedding with ease.

Own your own solar system

InPower Solar does not offer a rent-to-buy programme – you have full ownership of your solar solution from day one. This means you can reap the full benefits of owning solar from day one!

InPower Solar’s monthly pricing is effectively a loan repayment but with an incredible interest rate of prime -2% if you pay a 50% deposit. They will offer the incredibly low prime +1% for only a 10% deposit!

Tax breaks

Owning your solar system outright also entitles you to the SARS-provided associated tax breaks.

The South African government currently offers a 25% subsidy on solar power purchases of up to R60,000, and InPower Solar customers can immediately claim this subsidy.

Get started with InPower Solar

Regardless of load shedding, go solar! Get started with InPower Solar in four easy steps:

  1. Contact InPower Solar for a consultation
  2. Apply for financing
  3. Get approved
  4. Have your system installed and enjoy the benefits of solar power

Click here to finance your solar journey with InPower Solar.

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InPower Solar – Get Solar Power from only R1,980 per month and Backup Power for only R790 per month!