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GoFreelance — Hire a freelancer without the risk

GoFreelance is the best way to hire affordable, reliable, and skilled freelancers in South Africa.

GoFreelance is a proudly local business that is dedicated to saving South African organisations money while helping more local professionals support themselves through freelancing.

Whether you need a virtual assistant, web developer, graphic designer, copywriter, marketing specialist, IT professional, accountant, or any other profession, you can find it on GoFreelance!

Benefits of freelancers

Freelancers are a great way to save your company money, as you do not need to pay the overheads of having a permanent employee, nor do you need to use an expensive outsourcing company.

Using a freelancer also avoids the need to deal with unions, sign binding and risky employment contracts, and handle unnecessary CCMA and labour law disputes.

Furthermore, you will not need to process the individual’s UIF contributions, handle PAYE and related EMP201/501 submissions, or deal with the Skills Development Levy.

Simply put: hiring freelancers is far easier than hiring permanent or part-time employees.

Why choose GoFreelance

GoFreelance stands apart from competing freelancer platforms thanks to the range of features offered to both freelancers and clients.

Through GoFreelance, you can hire a freelancer for a specific project, task, or duration – all without committing to a long-term contract.

Furthermore, GoFreelance boasts a huge database of highly qualified freelancers with extensive knowledge in each industry and niche – so no matter what skills you need for your next project, you will find someone on GoFreelance to do the job brilliantly.

These freelancers will be able to focus on your project without distractions and interruptions, and you will only be charged for the work they actually do.

Other popular features of the GoFreelance platform include:

  • LinkedIn integration – Freelancers must use their LinkedIn profile, which ensures freelancers are authentic, and can’t create new accounts when they receive bad reviews.
  • Milestone payments – GoFreelance receives the project payment upfront, and only releases the money to freelancers when each ‘milestone’ of a project is achieved.
  • Ratings and reviews – Freelancer profiles make it easy to see how highly each freelancer has been rated when completing previous projects. You can also read reviews from the freelancer’s past clients.
  • Skills and Endorsements – Clients can endorse freelancers on their listed skills once a project is complete, ensuring you can find the freelancer with the skills required for your project.
  • No hidden costs – GoFreelance does not charge monthly fees, and does not require bids for freelancers or projects. Instead, it charges a flat commission of 3% per project – and this is included in the price you are presented. What you see is what you pay.
  • Local talent – GoFreelance is designed by South Africans, for South Africans, and does not include overseas freelancers – avoiding time zone challenges, language barriers, and international payment frustrations.

Choose GoFreelance

GoFreelance makes using a freelancer a no-brainer thanks to its safe and intuitive platform.

Click here to join GoFreelance.

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GoFreelance — Hire a freelancer without the risk