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Hands-on with Absolute Hosting’s Bergamo-powered cloud computing server

The Supermicro Hyper A+ AS-2125HS-TNR server is ideal for high VPS density, web hosting, high-performance computing, and cloud computing.

It features the latest AMD EPYC Bergamo 9754 server CPUs that are optimised for cloud-native workloads, and is therefore one of the key servers in Absolute Hosting’s arsenal – allowing the company to provide its clients with the best VPS hosting solutions in South Africa.

Absolute Hosting sent us one of its Supermicro Hyper A+ servers to test for ourselves – so we set it up to see what it has to offer.

Impressive processing power

The Supermicro Hyper A+ AS-2125HS-TNR is a high-performance, highly configurable system that, when fitted with AMD’s EPYC Bergamo 9754 CPUs, is the ultimate solution for cloud-native workloads.

It features dual 4th-gen AMD EPYC Bergamo 9754 CPUs that each offer 128 cores, 256 threads, and boost speeds up to 3.1GHz.

The Bergamo 9754 CPUs offer significant performance improvements over the previous generation of 96-core Genoa CPUs, including the highest core count for any x86 CPU to date.

With 128 cores and significantly better performance per watt, AMD’s Bergamo 9754 CPUs are not only faster but also the most energy-efficient server CPUs on the market.

The result is a big performance improvement when running cloud-native applications.

How big a performance improvement, you ask?

AMD compared its Bergamo 9754 CPUs to its competitors and found that, with an NGINX target of infrastructure delivering 375 million requests per second, customers would require:

  • Up to 55% fewer servers
  • Up to 39% less power usage
  • Up to 19% lower total cost of ownership

RAM and storage

In the Supermicro Hyper A+ server, AMD’s Bergamo 9754 CPUs can then be paired with up to 6TB DDR5 4,800MHz RAM across 24 DIMM slots.

Absolute Hosting fitted our server with a massive 1.5TB DDR5 RAM (24x 64GB chips) and 42TB SSD storage – making it the most powerful piece of computing hardware we have ever handled.

Equally impressive was the layout of the storage drive, which comprised two 1TB and ten 4TB PCIe 4.0 Samsung SSDs, filling 12 of the server’s 24 2.5-inch hot-swappable hybrid NVMe/SATA/SAS drive bays.

The Supermicro Hyper A+ AMD EPYC Bergamo also offers two M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 SSD slots that can accommodate 2280 and 22110 M.2 drives for booting.

Powering the entire system is dual Titanium-level redundant 1,600W power supplies, cooled by four 80mm heavy-duty fans with two AirShrouds.

Superior performance

The result of this powerful hardware is a server that can handle more than three-times the throughput performance, across a variety of cloud workloads, than any other product on the market.

This superior performance is the reason Absolute Hosting exclusively uses Supermicro servers with AMD Bergamo CPUs, ensuring its clients receive exceptional performance, redundancy, and maximum uptime.

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Hands-on with Absolute Hosting’s Bergamo-powered cloud computing server