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Streamline your business network with Managed Cisco Catalyst Center powered by SPEKTRA

Your infrastructure and operations need to keep pace with business shifts and demands.

An agile business needs an agile network that serves as a platform for innovation.

That means removing complexity, simplifying operations, and embracing automation to provide a dynamic and responsive software-defined infrastructure.

Enhanced operations for performance and efficiency

Our Managed Services Platform includes automation, AIOps and predictive analytics capabilities, resulting in an efficient network operations service to suit the most demanding requirements.

In addition, our software-defined lifecycle services help manage software assets and entitlements for improved consumption and ROI.

Networks that improve security posture

Reduce risk through adaptive networks that are secure by design and have security embedded and integrated as part of the network function.

Our network operations platform is secured through a defence in depth approach and certified for security governance (ISO27001).

Next generation networks

Enterprise organisations are implementing Software-Defined and Intent-Based networking solutions such as Cisco Catalyst Centre to drive agility, scalability, and innovation across the enterprise.

It is important for these enterprises to know if they have the necessary network management platforms and resources to manage Day 2 operations.

If not, this will require further investment in platforms and resources – increasing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their investment.

The alternative is to partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Dimension Data to provide design, support, delivery, and lifecycle management.

This enables the enterprise to focus on its core business and align its business and IT processes to drive strategy and innovation.

Clients also have access to the Client Services Portal, which allows IT resources to obtain network performance information, monitor advanced analytics, and utilise enhanced functionality.

The benefits of SPEKTRA are numerous, and include:

  • Enhanced site and device health scores – Identify and locate problematic devices quickly.
  • Faster deployment of software updates and patches – Keep your system secure.
  • Improved analytics and reporting – Identify areas for improvement.
  • Improved operational efficiency – Leverage integrated and optimised design.
  • Reduced complexity – Focus on key business objectives.
  • Better performance – Benefit from advanced AI-enabled correlation and anomaly detection.
  • Improved network availability – Proactively detect more than 95% of incidents.
  • Enhanced insights and analytics – Enabled by rich telemetry and APIs.

“This managed offering allows customers to realise the full set of Catalyst Centre functionality to enhance network reliability,” said Balaji Venkatraman, VP for Product Management and Strategy at Cisco.

“It also helps to reduce the complexity of administrative network management requirements, and the result is a better user experience and, ultimately, a positive impact on a customer’s bottom line.”

Managed Catalyst Center from Dimension Data

Dimension Data is the ultimate partner for enterprise organisations which want to comprehensively manage their networks and improve operational efficiency through Managed Cisco Catalyst Centre.

Dimension Data has a well-established track record of managing vendor-specific networking platforms, and driving optimal and reliable performance.

Through its Managed Cisco Catalyst Centre solution, Dimension Data has assisted customers in reducing their network complexity – resulting in a reduction in downtime and improving productivity for their Clients.

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Streamline your business network with Managed Cisco Catalyst Center powered by SPEKTRA