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Improving the customer experience with Amazon Connect

Leading South African ICT company Dimension Data is committed to helping local businesses transform their customer experience (CX) journey.

This is a critical part of running a successful company, as keeping your clients happy leads to repeat business and an improved reputation in the market.

Dimension Data therefore recommends Amazon Connect to businesses looking to create their own omnichannel cloud contact centre, and recently published a whitepaper outlining why this solution is a great option for South African companies.

Increased opportunities for innovation

One of the benefits of Amazon Connect, as outlined in the whitepaper, is that it is a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), rather than a Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS).

The difference between these two technologies is important to understand:

  • A CCaaS is a fully-developed software application that is quick to install and delivers fundamental customer service capabilities.
  • A CPaaS is a flexible solution that gives businesses the ability to add new communication functionality based on their needs.

The advanced flexibility and customisability of a CPaaS makes it the superior option for delivering the best CX journey to your customers.

Your customers are more likely to become repeat buyers as a result, and are also more likely to recommend your products and services to others.

Furthermore, the best CPaaS solutions support remote contact centres – which is a huge benefit in the new world of working.

Not only is it more attractive to many potential employees to be able to work remotely, but it also allows you to serve your clients faster, as your CX professionals do not need to be at your contact centre’s physical location to respond to requests.

Added to this is the benefit of employing contact centre employees across your region of operation, without having to have multiple contact centre buildings for them to work at.

The value of outsourcing

Amazon Connect is the best option for South African businesses who want their own omnichannel cloud contact centre as these companies will also get access to Dimension Data’s outstanding collection of specialist skills.

Dimension Data boasts many highly talented professionals who focus specifically on Amazon Connect, and outsourcing your cloud contact centre management to these professionals is vastly more effective than trying to run it yourself.

This is because the well-documented ICT skills shortage in South Africa makes it difficult to find and employ the right professionals to complete these tasks – and it is even more challenging to keep hold of these experts.

In contrast, when working with Dimension Data, you can rest assured that you have access to a large number of solution specialists – and because of the scale at which Dimension Data operates, talent churn impacts it less than it would impact your business.

Importance of AI

Another reason you should choose Amazon Connect is that the solution leverages Amazon’s extensive investment in AI research.

AI is used in Amazon Connect to move rudimentary tasks away from agents, allowing them to focus on the tasks that matter most.

When completing these tasks, a “Wisdom” feature then ensures agents spend less time searching for answers across your data repositories by delivering the resources they need, when they need them.

This allows your agents to spend more time interacting with your customers.

Complementing this is the “Contact Lens” feature, which delivers real-time contact centre analytics and quality management that tracks how effective you agent interactions are – as well as where the agents can improve.

The result is better interactions between your agents and your customers, leading to more loyal customers and increased brand reputation.

All of this is excellent functionality, but you only reap the full benefits if you understand when and how to implement AI into your contact centre processes.

This is where Dimension Data comes in.

Having worked with countless clients – including several hyperscalers – Dimension Data’s experts have the experience to know when implementing AI-powered solutions to your contact centre is appropriate and feasible.

They are also highlight skilled in actioning these insights – streamlining your contact centre and ensuring you have a happier customer base.

Security and compliance

When running a contact centre, it is critical that your client data and conversations are kept secure and private.

Amazon Connect is the best way to ensure this, as it incorporates all of AWS’s robust security and compliance measures into your contact centre.

From global measures like various ISO standards, to local measures like POPIA – you can rest assured that all of your CX data is stored and processed in a way that is fully compliant.

This is supplemented by AWS’s robust range of security services that ensure all data is protected against malicious parties.

These measures include:

  • Identity and access management
  • Data protection
  • Detection and response
  • Network and application protection

Each of these categories contains several industry-leading security solutions that will protect you against both internal and external security threats.

Work with Dimension Data

Dimension Data is ready to help South African companies implement and manage their Amazon Connect installation, ensuring they maximise the benefits this solution provides.

With huge scale in the local market, Dimension Data is always well-stocked with experts across a wide range of ICT segments – including in CPaaS solutions.

Click here to download Dimension Data’s Amazon Connect whitepaper.

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Improving the customer experience with Amazon Connect