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How PropertyCentral is revolutionising South Africa’s property industry through innovation

This is the future.

PropertyCentral, a leading property listing platform, is transforming South Africa’s property industry through the clever use of technology.

It believes South Africa’s property industry has become stale due to the lack of competition in the segment. This resulted in complacency and a lack of innovation.

PropertyCentral is using this to its advantage and shaking up the sector through two new offerings – PropertyFlix and Pitchfour – that make buying and selling properties more affordable and accessible in South Africa.


The first of these offerings is PropertyFlix – which allows sellers to embed TikTok and Instagram videos in their property listings.

This is a first in South Africa and serves as an expansion of the global trend for agents to use the popular video platforms to promote their properties.

PropertyFlix also includes a video-in-picture feature, which positions the TikTok and Instagram videos directly in front of PropertyCentral’s users.

By injecting engaging video content into the sales process, sellers are positioning their properties in a more positive and vibrant way – which will result in increased interest from buyers.

PropertyCentral believes PropertyFlix will be particularly effective when targeting younger home buyers who use TikTok and Instagram daily.


The second of PropertyCentral’s key offerings is Pitchfour, an innovative system that helps homeowners find agents to market their properties.

It is a patented, world-first solution that removes the time-consuming processes traditionally encountered when looking for an estate agent.

Instead of jumping through the normal loops, property owners can now list their property on the Pitchfour smartphone app and immediately get offers from local agents to sell it.

These pitches will be sent to the seller directly and allow them to choose the best agent for their needs.

Agents also benefit hugely from Pitchfour, as it provides them with an accessible source of potential clients.

As part of the Pitchfour platform, agents can record introduction videos to make a good first impression on homeowners looking to sell their properties.

Supporting agencies through innovation

Through these offerings, PropertyCentral is revolutionising property listings in South Africa.

By delivering low pricing and leveraging innovation, PropertyCentral is able to greatly benefit property practitioners and estate agencies – saving them thousands of rands in marketing costs.

The importance of this cannot be understated – particularly in the current poor property sales climate.

Agents and agencies no longer need to be selective when choosing which properties to list, either, and each listing will be far more effective at marketing its property.

The result is simple: Both buyers and agents win big when they use PropetyCentral.

About PropertyCentral

Complementing all of this value is the fact that PropertyCentral has no lock-in clauses, and its listing prices are extremely competitive.

It is the superior option to South Africa’s best-known property platforms – so whether you are a buyer, seller, or agent, PropertyCentral is your must-use partner when navigating the South African property market.

This is the future. This is PropertyCentral.

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How PropertyCentral is revolutionising South Africa’s property industry through innovation