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JustSolve partners with global healthcare leaders to modernise systems

The modernisation of legacy systems can only be delayed until the overall costs of not modernising outweigh the benefits and costs of doing so.

The healthcare industry, in particular, grapples with a range of challenges when it comes to legacy systems modernisation and JustSolve, a custom software development company, has emerged as a trusted partner with a proven track record in addressing these industry-specific pain points since 2017.

Why Modernisation Matters

Modernisation is not just a trend in the technological space; it’s a strategic imperative for businesses across all industries.

Modernisation involves upgrading outdated legacy systems to modern, secure, and integrated technologies that can be adapted and changed quickly.

By embarking on this journey, businesses can improve security measures, streamline processes, create interoperability between systems, and ensure compatibility with the latest technologies and frameworks.

How does JustSolve help Modernise Systems for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers face many challenges when it comes to system modernisation.

These challenges can include issues related to outdated systems, security concerns, regulatory compliance, and paper-based electronic health record (EHR) systems.

JustSolve has helped healthcare providers address some of these common pain points.

Common Pain Points How JustSolve Solved Them
Inherently fragmented, inconsistent, legacy-ridden systems that lag in User Experience (UX) JustSolve tackles UX design within the Healthcare system where it is so desperately needed. These systems are often broken, dated, inefficient and confusing — in an environment where the stakes are high and errors are intolerable, partnering with healthcare UX experts will make an impact that matters at scale.
Problematic System Integration JustSolve tackles the challenge of system integration by conducting a thorough assessment of the existing systems. By identifying the root causes of system vulnerabilities, they implement a software solution to ensure harmonious operation of all software systems.
Regulatory Compliance Penalties JustSolve is well-versed in evolving regulatory requirements. They design and develop your software with compliance in mind, enhancing security and ensuring data protection whilst avoiding potentially costly regulatory penalties.
Security Risks JustSolve minimises security risks through active collaboration with the customer’s security team, staying updated on the latest standards, and using AI technology for code analysis. Security-related findings are promptly addressed, and lessons from penetration tests are proactively incorporated into future development practices.
High Maintenance Costs To reduce maintenance costs, JustSolve leverages modern technologies and methodologies. By upgrading and streamlining legacy systems, they also reduce the operational burden, enabling you to allocate your time and resources more efficiently.

JustSolve is a leading digital transformation service provider in the healthcare industry, making an impact that matters, at scale.

Their expertise, as the best mobile app development company in South Africa for enterprises, ensures that healthcare providers serve their patients with the best healthcare experience possible.

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JustSolve partners with global healthcare leaders to modernise systems