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Winning R50,000 is easier than you think!

Black Friday 2023 is just around the corner, and the excitement is building.

Bob Shop is ready to play its part in making this the biggest and best South African shopping event of the year.

What South Africans can expect this Black Friday

As South Africa gears up for Black Friday, consumers will be looking forward to substantial discounts on a wide range of product categories.

Over the last few years, as Black Friday has grown in economic and cultural significance, a lot of attention has focused on tech and gadgets, home appliances, and kids’ toys.

This year is likely to be similar in terms of the most sought-after items.

Bob Shop’s Black Friday game plan

Bob Shop is going all in for Black Friday 2023, and they have an irresistible lineup of offers and events to make it an unforgettable shopping experience for online shoppers right across South Africa.

These will include the company’s ever popular R1 auctions, plus a re-run of last year’s Guess and Win competition.

We caught up with previous R50,000 winner, Mischa Becker, who secured the jackpot by referring friends and followers through her social media channels “It was easier than you would think; I created TikTok videos to tell my followers about the competition and they were keen to stand a chance to win too!”

“I’m going to try my luck again this year, so you never know, I might be able to take my Bob Shop winnings to a grand total of R100,000!”

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Amazing Black Friday deals: From November 20 to 26, Bob Shop will be slashing its already low everyday prices across certain product categories. With up to 60% off, shoppers can expect incredible savings on a wide array of items in all the most popular categories.

Thrilling auctions: Bob Shop is taking Black Friday to the next level by giving consumers the chance to take part in exciting auctions.

Starting from just R1 and with no reserve price, these auctions will feature top-brand products, including TVs, fridges and smartphones. The highlight will be the hero auction for the Suzuki Swift, set to take place on November 24.

Guess and Win competition: Shoppers can also try their luck from the 13th November by guessing the winning auction bid for the Suzuki Swift. The person who guesses the closest stands a chance to win R50,000 in cash – the kind of amount that could really make a difference at this time of year.

The total prize pot is actually R100,000 – if users refer friends to participate in the “Guess and Win” competition, and one of the people they’ve referred makes the guess closest to the winning bid, the original referrer also wins R50,000. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The variety of offerings over Black Friday ensures that there will be something for everyone, while the R1 auctions are an entertaining way for people to connect with our online community, and potentially secure an incredible deal.

Andy Higgins, Bob Group MD explains, “We plan to cater to a diverse spectrum of preferences during the Black Friday period by providing an array of offerings that resonate with the individual needs of our valued customers.”

“We have witnessed a passionate affinity for the thrill of auctions, thanks to the opportunity to procure items for as little as R1. This approach combines excitement with the prospect of obtaining exceptional deals.”

“At the same time, many of our customers prefer certainty and immediacy when they shop online. For these shoppers, our Black Friday deals offer both clarity and the allure of being the first to seize an outstanding opportunity.”

“We have started running these campaigns for most of our major retail events as a means to provide our consumers with the sort of Bob Shop campaigns they’ve come to recognise and eagerly anticipate.”

With a focus on quality, affordability, and excitement, Bob Shop is ready to make Black Friday 2023 a truly memorable event.

Mark your calendars for November 20 to 26, and get ready to grab incredible deals, participate in thrilling auctions, and stand a chance to win big with Bob Shop this Black Friday!

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Winning R50,000 is easier than you think!