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Absa Rewards – Get real cash back for free

Absa Rewards has had a hugely successful 2023, and a key reason for this was its removal of all member fees at the beginning of the year.

Now, anyone who swipes their card is guaranteed to truly benefit from the programme, which has resulted in exponential growth in member numbers.

“We are now positively impacting almost 2 million customers, and are seeing a four-fold growth in new Rewards members compared to a year ago when membership was at a fee,” said Head of Absa Rewards Rendani Mauda.

“Furthermore, since the beginning of the year, we have given half a billion rand back to our clients in pricing relief and benefits.”

This success was recently acknowledged at the South African Loyalty Awards, where Absa Rewards took first place for the best “relaunched programme” of 2023.

Mauda said this was a significant achievement, as it justifies the decision to rework and relaunch the Absa Rewards programme.

“It is a testament to the amazing team that we pulled this off in such a short space of time,” said Mauda.

Save big with Absa Rewards

Absa Rewards offers significant cash back whenever you transact with one of its partner retailers.

What sets Absa Rewards apart is that this is real cash that is deposited into your account – rather than confusing “rewards points”.

You can earn the following with Absa Rewards, depending on your tier:

  • Up to 30% real cash back when you shop at Food Lover’s Market, Pick n Pay, and Woolworths.
  • Up to 30% real cash back when you shop or fill up at a Sasol petrol station.
  • Up to 30% real cash back when you buy health or beauty products at Dis-Chem.
  • Earn real cash back on all other Absa card purchases.

You can increase your tier by signing up for new banking, loan, insurance and investment products, as well as performing other banking actions.

All Absa Rewards members start at Tier 1 – guaranteeing everyone can earn cash back on qualifying transactions from the start.

Black Friday promotion

Absa Rewards recently partnered with Travelstart to run a five-day promotion where the first 100 flights booked each day by Absa Rewards members would cost only R100.

This promotion was a massive success and is an example of how Absa Rewards is committed to helping its customers save as much money as possible.

To build on this success, Absa Rewards is running an awesome Black Friday 2023 promotion this year – split into two parts.

Until the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, if you swipe your card for R1,000 or more at Pick n Pay, you will get a free voucher for Steers and Debonairs Pizza.

Then, during Black Friday week, Absa Rewards members can double their cash back at all partners – meaning those on the highest tiers can get up to 60% cash back on all Black Friday purchases.

Don’t delay – sign up to Absa Rewards today.

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Absa Rewards – Get real cash back for free