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The best eCommerce apps in South Africa

The best eCommerce apps in South Africa are Avo Supershop, Takealot, and VodaPay.

Each app makes it easy to purchase everything from groceries to appliances from the comfort of your home, while offering speedy delivery and many other benefits – such as daily deals and access to vouchers and rewards.

These features are easy to access and use, too, thanks to the exceptional design of the apps.

We outline what each of these eCommerce apps offers. below.

Avo SuperShop

Avo SuperShop is a super app launched by Nedbank during the COVID-19 lockdown – allowing users to do their shopping without going public spaces.

It has consistently upgraded its offerings since then, and you can now use the Avo SuperShop app to buy all the goods and services you need across diverse categories – such as groceries, takeaways, liquor, pharmaceuticals, furniture appliances, pet care, and fitness.

There are also vouchers and rewards available for using the app regularly, giving you more value with every purchase.

Click here to learn more about Avo SuperShop.


Takealot is the biggest online retailer in South Africa and boasts an unrivalled product catalogue.

Thanks to this, the Takealot app has become the first eCommerce platform South Africans look to when shopping online – no matter what they are buying.

Takealot rewards its customers for this loyalty with daily deals and frequent promotions on popular items.

With such a customer-centric approach, it is unsurprising that Takealot continues to dominate South Africa’s eCommerce sector.

Click here to learn more about Takealot.


VodaPay is an intuitive app designed by leading network provider Vodacom to be the one-stop-shop for all your payment and purchasing needs.

It has built strong relationships with many of South Africa’s most popular retailers – such as Builders, Clicks, and KFC – and leverages these partnerships to offer exclusive deals tailored to its customers.

The app also allows you to pay bills, send money, get a cash advance, and more.

Click here to learn more about VodaPay.

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The best eCommerce apps in South Africa