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Enjoy silent nights this Christmas – Tapo Video Doorbell review

I recently tested the Tapo D230S1 Video Doorbell Camera – and can say it’s an excellent way to protect your home this festive season.

During the December period, many South Africans pack their bags and trek across the country to spend time with their families.

While they are away, their empty homes are a prime target for criminals – making it important to have security systems like the Tapo D230S1 Video Doorbell Camera in place.

Effortless setup with the H200 Hub

Setting up the D230S1 Video Doorbell was simple. All I had to do was insert its rechargeable battery – which offers up to 180 days of operation – and it sprung to life.

I then mounted it to my door with the included adhesive pad – screws were also provided as an alternative – and inserted the included wedge that changes the angle the doorbell faces by 15 degrees.

The D230S1 also comes with a Tapo H200 Hub, and after I set it up, it immediately communicated with the doorbell camera – ensuring my new home security system was ready to go.

A window to my doorstep

The Tapo doorbell features a 2K (2,560 x 1,440) 5MP sensor and Tapo’s Live View technology, which enabled me to always see what was happening at my front door.

The easiest way to do this is by installing the Tapo smartphone app and connecting it to the H200 Hub.

Even at night, the D230S1’s full-colour night vision – supplemented by an embedded spotlight – made it easy to identify any unwanted guests.

Equally impressive is the camera’s 160-degree field of view, which enables a head-to-toe live picture of anyone in front of the camera – making is easy to identify who was at the front door.

This was possible if they were standing right in front of the camera, or a several steps away.

Tapo App and smart AI detection

As part of my review, I also signed up for Tapo Care to experience the premium AI detection features supported by the Tapo Video Doorbell.

This includes:

  • Motion Detection
  • Person Detection
  • Pet Detection
  • Vehicle Detection
  • Package Detection

The Tapo app enabled me to activate and set the sensitivity of each of these features, too, as well as demarcate Activity Zones on the Motion Detection mode.

When an event was detected, the Tapo app would immediately notify me and recorded up to two minutes of footage before either storing it on the cloud through Tapo Care, or on a local MicroSD in my H200 Hub.

Additionally, in the event of an event trigger I could use the Video Doorbell Camera as an intercom to speak to the person at the door through my smartphone.

Alternatively, it had several Quick Response options that would play a custom voice response such as “I’ll be there in a minute” or “You are trespassing. Police have been called.”

Protect your home this festive season

With the Tapo D230S1 Video Doorbell, you will feel peace of mind knowing an always-watching camera is keeping tabs on your home’s front door.

It’s AI features complement this further, by allowing you to automatically distinguish between unwanted guests and your pets running around – making it a suitable solution for many South African homes.

Click here to protect your home with the Tapo D230S1 Video Doorbell Camera this festive season.

The Tapo D23S1 is available for purchasing from Takealot – Click here.

Contact: Chantel Suleman – Marketing Manager

[email protected]

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Enjoy silent nights this Christmas – Tapo Video Doorbell review