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Hisense HS2100 soundbar with subwoofer review – Unleash the Beast in your living room

The Hisense HS2100 Soundbar is a slim and stylish audio system that provides powerful surround sound with deep bass.

While a TV’s built-in speakers are generally around 10-20W, the HS2100 offers an impressive 240W across its 2.1-channel configuration – comprising of two 60W full-range speakers in the soundbar and a standalone wireless 120W subwoofer.

Thanks to these powerful speakers, the HS2100 will take your home entertainment experience to a new level for the affordable price of only R1,999 on Makro.

Hisense sent us the HS2100 soundbar and subwoofer to review, and we detail our experience with the audio system below.

Set up in seconds

The HS2100 proved to be the easiest set up of any sound system I have used, as both the soundbar and wireless subwoofer are plug-and-play.

Both speakers only require AC mains power, and the subwoofer automatically connected to the soundbar wirelessly for synchronised output.

I used the HDMI ARC port to connect our soundbar to our TV, while aux, optical, and USB connection options are also available.

I also connected my smartphone via Bluetooth to play music, which worked like a charm.

Dynamite comes in small packages

Now that my HS2100 audio system was set up, it was time to test it out.

Hisense dubbed the HS2100 “The Beast” – but at first glance, the small, sleek design led me to wonder if it could truly live up to this nickname.

Any doubts disappeared the moment I turned it on and pumped up the volume.

The slim soundbar and subwoofer system dispersed rich, immersive audio throughout the room – defying its smaller appearance – and added a punch to every sound in the movies we watched while testing the unit.

This is possible thanks to its powerful 240W configuration, as well as the latest audio technologies like DTS Virtual:X that made for an authentic surround sound experience.

Modes and features

Hisense has also equipped the HS2100 with a TV Mode, which enables it to use your TV’s decoding capabilities.

For example: It can take advantage of Dolby Atmos on your TV to give you the fullest audio experience.

It offers several equaliser presets to optimise your audio for different content, too, including movie, music, night, news, sports, and game modes.

When cycling between these settings, the soundbar would audibly tell me which mode I had selected, and it had several indicator lights on the front to show the volume, bass and treble levels.

A sound investment

After spending several days reviewing the HS2100 soundbar and subwoofer, I was impressed with the audio quality, volume, and user experience it offered.

Even more impressive was its affordable R1,999 price tag, valid for the whole month of December 2023, which enables South Africans to significantly upgrade their TV audio experience without breaking the bank.

Click here to get your Hisense HS2100 soundbar and subwoofer from Makro.

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Hisense HS2100 soundbar with subwoofer review – Unleash the Beast in your living room