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Get an all-in-one Sunsynk backup power system for only R49,900 from Herholdt’s

Leading sustainable energy solutions provider Herholdt’s is making backup power easily accessible with its promotion on the Sunsynk Powerlynk X all-in-one package.

The Powerlynk X includes a 3.6kW inverter and battery system, installation by a Herholdt’s Trusted Installer, and a 10-year warranty – all for only R49,900.

At such an affordable price, the Sunsynk Powerlynk X backup system from Herholdt’s is the ultimate load-shedding solution for South Africans.

What you get

At the heart of the Sunsynk Powerlynk X is its 3.6kW inverter, paired with a high-quality 3.84kWh battery.

This combination of hardware will easily meet your household’s basic power demands – allowing you to run appliances such as a TV, decoder, Wi-Fi router, and computer, as well as sufficiently managed high-draw appliances like a fridge, microwave, washing machine, kettle, or toaster when Eskom implements load-shedding.

The system is easily expandable too, meaning you can add more Powerlynk X units as your power needs grow – and you can seamlessly integrate it with other batteries for enhanced scalability and flexibility.

The Sunsynk Powerlynk X also features the Sunsynk Connect platform – a powerful smartphone app that enables you to control your system remotely.

Sunsynk Connect gives you real-time visibility into a wide range of metrics, such as your power consumption and battery percentage, and lets you easily tailor your system settings to manage power usage.

To get all of this for only R49,900 is incredibly impressive – but the value Herholdt’s provides does not stop there.

Herholdt’s is now offering free installation of the Sunsynk Powerlynk X – making the deal even sweeter.

Herholdt’s only partners with trustworthy professionals for their installations, ensuring your backup power solution is installed to the highest safety and regulatory requirements.

Herholdt’s leads the way

Herholdt’s is a leading distributor of renewable energy products from the industry’s most respected brands.

The Herholdt’s head office is in Bloemfontein, while it has branches in Kimberley, Cape Town, Centurion, Johannesburg, Gqeberha, George, Durban and Mbombela.

 Click here to buy the Sunsynk Powerlynk X from Herholdt’s.

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Get an all-in-one Sunsynk backup power system for only R49,900 from Herholdt’s