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iONLINE’s FlexiSIM introduces multi-network resilience to South Africa

iONLINE Connected Networks, one of South Africa’s largest enterprise private LTE providers, has brought multi-network resilience to the table with the launch of FlexiSIM, the country’s first locally developed intelligent network switching (eUICC) SIM.

This eUICC technology allows FlexiSIM to be remotely updated, meaning it can switch mobile network operators (MNOs) over the air, without the need for complicated intervention or configurations.

With multi-network resilience across three carriers (MTN, Vodacom and Telkom), FlexiSIM ensures that users can maintain connectivity even in areas of poor coverage.

This is especially relevant as ongoing loadshedding in South Africa continues to impact businesses regardless of size or industry, particularly when towers go offline and leave devices without network coverage.

David Farquharson, founder and CEO of iONLINE ISP (PTY) Ltd, says: “Unstable connectivity can have serious consequences for the economy. It creates inconvenience and frustration, and results in missed opportunities, lost customers and decreased revenue.”

“It impedes growth, progress and innovation, hindering business success. In short, unreliable connectivity is as detrimental as unreliable power, and can be the deciding factor between a flourishing business and a failing one.”

iONLINE built a virtualised SIM profile which downloads to the revolutionary FlexiSIM remotely using the eUICC (embedded universal integrated circuit card) – a component of the SIM which enables the switching of MNOs over the air.

The ability to remotely update the SIM using iONLINE’s global network also makes it possible to reconfigure the SIM to connect to various roaming and local carriers at local rates around the world.

David Farquharson, Founder and CEO of iONLINE ISP (PTY) Ltd

“FlexiSIM is a testament to our dedication to innovation and our commitment to providing the best possible solutions to local enterprises,” says Farquharson.

“After 36 months of extensive research, development and best practice partnerships from around the world, we are incredibly proud to be the first company in South Africa to launch this technology.”

He says this new era of network resilience and connectivity opens up a world of possibility for any enterprise which uses mobile networks to connect its devices.

“Picture your team on the cusp of launching a groundbreaking new product, solution or technology that could potentially save lives, or closing a game-changing deal that could elevate your business to new heights.”

“All the effort, passion and dedication invested in this crucial moment can be shattered in an instant because of a dropped connection or power outage. The frustration of something like this is unimaginable but unfortunately, such things do happen.”

FlexiSIM offers a seamless, worldwide mobile connectivity solution that is user-friendly and adaptable.

Its emphasis on privacy and security ensures that concerns about data breaches or leaks are eliminated, while the ability to remotely update the SIM without complex configurations or transitions means that it can easily accommodate businesses of any size, making scale easily achievable.

“Consider the impact of uninterrupted global connectivity on your business,” says Farquharson.

“Imagine the possibilities if such an obstacle were no longer a concern.”

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iONLINE ISP (PTY) Ltd is a leading connectivity provider that delivers cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses globally.

With offices in South Africa, UK, USA and Australia, iONLINE is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that its clients remain connected in a constantly changing world.

Furthermore, iONLINE is committed to promoting positive change for both society and the environment, reflecting its dedication to corporate social responsibility.

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iONLINE’s FlexiSIM introduces multi-network resilience to South Africa