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How to Build a Digitised Business in 2024

You’ve got a fantastic, crazy, disruptive business?? Great!

It’s 2024 though and to make it ‘big’ you need a software platform to deliver that high quality customer experience that customers love – at scale.

You know WHAT you want to do, but you’re not exactly sure HOW to implement a digitised business.

Let us help you

Being held back by technical infrastructure is absolutely NOT something we do at SOLIDitech.

Our platform (called SOLID) is best explained as a business automation tool on steroids.

Get the freedom of a blank slate, but the power of prebuilt pieces that you will need to give your ideas a quick-start.

Our standard ‘pieces’ include Mobile Apps, SARS compliant invoicing, debit orders, workflow engines, online shopping carts and over 250 other modules.

SOLID gives you the ability to engineer a modern online business – in record time.

Not only do we provide an extensible, battle tested software platform – we also have a team of real engineers who are SOLID business software experts, ready to help you rapidly put it together.

The SOLID advantage

Let’s be honest – your quest for innovation is relentless. It’s fraught with challenges and you’ll be learning as you grow.

Building and maintaining software, keeping up with trends, and adding support for the latest iPhone – it’s expensive. We know.

With SOLID, you get to implement a custom, expansive and sophisticated software platform with the inherent mitigated risk that automation offers – all with great South African based support.

How we do it:

  • Our team of over 100 Software Engineering Professionals
  • Over 20 years of industry experience building our flexible SOLID platform
  • Over 1 million clients serviced daily by SOLID systems running 24×7
  • Proven track record of delivering custom business software solutions
  • Massive internal training investment to keep our people at the forefront of tech
  • Constant software R&D to bring the latest software tools to the SOLID platform

Our platform is designed not just with the present in mind, but with an eye towards the future.

Here are two examples that prove this.

Frogfoot Networks

Leveraging SOLID, Frogfoot embarked on ambitious projects, aiming to disrupt and revolutionise the delivery of Fibre Internet services at scale.

Frogfoot with its massive network knew that software automation and integration was the key to effective roll-out and delivery of high-quality fibre services, at scale.

SOLID enabled the foundation of a smart and responsive, reliable and automated system. Our ecommerce functionality integrated ISP sales directly into Frogfoot’s SOLID billing platform.

Our SOLID mobile field services app and automated provisioning workflows streamlined deployment and end-customer provisioning.

Goal achieved.

Stage Zero

Stage Zero wanted to introduce comprehensive, easy to buy and use energy solutions to homes and businesses across South Africa.

The process to scope, design, cost, install and manage energy solutions is quite technical, labour intensive and expensive.

Working closely with Stage Zero’s product experts, the SOLID engineering team was able to build a unique online website that automates and makes this process simple.

The Stage Zero online purchasing journey makes it possible for non-technical South Africans to easily scope, design and order a comprehensive energy solution in a few minutes.

The complicated components such as solar sizing, geographic location, energy requirements, battery back-up capacity and compliance certifications are all seamlessly integrated and automated.

Automating this process means that Stage Zero can service thousands of leads in record time 24×7 without a large sales team, AND provide a great customer experience.

Check it out for yourself:

What’s in SOLID for you?

All the advantages of a battle-tested foundation, with a large team of South African software engineering experts ready to partner with you and take your business to the next level.

You get a custom-built solution at a lower cost and with reduced risks versus building a solution from scratch.

Welcome to a new era of business software automation, scalability, and innovation.

Contact us, and let us help you digitise your business.

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How to Build a Digitised Business in 2024