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Choosing the right solar installer in South Africa – What you need to know

Installing a solar system in your home is a great way to say goodbye to load-shedding.

However, choosing a solar installer can be challenging due to how rapidly the market has grown and how many fly-by-night installers make big promises they can’t keep.

To help you make the right choice for your solar installation, leading solar company Enpal has compiled a list of key considerations to remember when choosing an installer.

Enpal believes you should look at three key factors: Reputation, Suppliers, and Customer Experience.


The first thing to consider when assessing a solar installer is whether the company has a good reputation.

Search for them on Google and read online reviews wherever they can be found – including Google’s review platform, social media platforms like Facebook, as well as dedicated review sites like Hellopeter.

You will immediately be able to identify the general sentiments about their service levels – and if these are low, you should look for a different installer.

Equally important is the solar installer’s background and history.

A company that has been around for several years and has a consistent track record is more trustworthy than a new installer.

Enpal was founded in Germany in 2017 and has become an international market leader, completing over 50,000 installations across the company’s six years of operations.


Solar installers cannot deliver excellent installation services if the products they use are of poor quality.

Therefore, looking at the brands and products the installer will use for your solar system is essential.

Enpal uses products from five world-class brands: Sunsynk, Risen, JA Solar, Livoltek, and Deye.

Each of these brands is considered among the best in the world and can be trusted to generate electricity reliably for your home.

Customer experience

The final consideration when choosing a solar installer is their offerings outside of the physical installation process.

This includes everything from the abilities of the customer service team to handle any queries or requests you may have, to the offerings your installer provides that go above and beyond the call of duty.

Enpal is a great example of this – they offer a free solar consultation, quotation, and site survey to determine whether your home is solar-ready.

The German market leader also boasts an excellent customer service team that will answer all your questions quickly and accurately.

Choose Enpal

If you would like to pursue your solar journey with the leading solar installer, Enpal is happy to get in touch with you and chat about your installation plans.

They will answer any questions you may have surrounding which brands to use, whether your home is solar-ready, and more – so click here to contact Enpal.

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Choosing the right solar installer in South Africa – What you need to know