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Make your smart cameras even smarter with Tangent Solutions and Cogniac’s Revolutionary AI Computer Vision Platform

In partnership with Cisco Meraki and Cogniac, Tangent Solutions is at the forefront of offering smart cameras that offer powerful assets for businesses seeking further efficiency and innovation.

Thanks to these technologies, we now live in a world where AI transforms cameras into strategic business tools.

The partnership achieves this through practical applications of AI computer vision, which can translate images into actionable insights.

Leveraging Cogniac’s low code platform and integrating AI and convolutional neural networks, computer vision merges data visualisation and process automation to unlock business potential.

Cogniac brings the prowess of this advanced AI technology directly into the Cisco Meraki MV camera, elevating performance across diverse business operations.

Unlike traditional systems restricted to single-use applications, Cogniac’s adaptive AI excels at concurrently managing multiple tasks, significantly broadening the scope and efficiency of visual data analysis.

This approach to visual data analysis streamlines processes and enhances operational efficiency across various sectors.

In addition to performance gains, Cogniac prioritises data security, providing a robust framework that safeguards critical information throughout the visual data analysis pipeline.

The Power of Cogniac’s AI Computer Vision Platform

  1. Efficient quality control – Enhance quality control by analysing visual data in real-time, ensuring precise defect identification even in high-production settings.
  2. Safety compliance & security monitoring – Ensure adherence to safety protocols and security standards, providing a clear compliance record through visual data analysis.
  3. Adaptable across industries – The AI’s versatility extends to diverse industries, seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure and deploying easily in various environments.
  4. User-friendly configuration – Cogniac’s intuitive interfaces support easy configuration, training, and customisation of AI models, making them accessible to businesses without extensive programming knowledge.
  5. Data privacy & security – Cogniac employs secure end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive visual data throughout the processing pipeline.
  6. Enhanced learning capabilities – The AI platform continuously refines accuracy and efficiency through machine learning, improving performance with each processed image.
  7. Scalable & agile solutions – Cogniac’s AI is adaptable to high-volume industries, offering scalable and agile solutions with deployment models for different operational environments.

The Key Benefits of Cogniac’s AI-Driven Technology

  • Rapid innovation: Cogniac and Cisco Meraki have merged the worlds of computer vision, AI and IoT to deliver digital transformation and automation faster than ever.
  • Reduced time to value: With the native integration of Cogniac’s computer vision platform on the Meraki MV camera, your business will see benefits within days of deployment.
  • Accelerated deployment: Unleash the full potential of MV Sense with Cogniac’s fully customisable computer vision models and quickly deploy a single custom AI model powered solely through the MV Sense mobile processor.

Cogniac’s highly scalable AI engine processes over 50 million images monthly across multiple industries. With the Cisco Meraki MV cameras, Cogniac’s custom computer vision enables more precise inspection and faster decision-making.

Additionally, Cogniac Cloud’s native integration to the Meraki Cloud enables organisations to deploy multiple custom AI models, delivering increased productivity.

Get in touch with Tangent today to make your smart cameras even smarter.

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Make your smart cameras even smarter with Tangent Solutions and Cogniac’s Revolutionary AI Computer Vision Platform